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Larry the Cable Guy Posts Touching Tribute to Late Country Songwriter Billy Joe Shaver

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Donald Kravitz/Getty Images)

Larry the Cable Guy has taken a less humorous turn while mourning the death of legendary country songwriter Billy Joe Shaver.

Larry shared a tweet respectfully honoring both the life and music of Billy Joe Shaver. The Seminal Outlaw-Country songwriter died at the age of 81 following a stroke in Waco, Texas.

Connie Nelson, a friend of Shaver’s, confirmed his death to Rolling Stone. The outlaw-country music pioneer wrote some of the genre’s greatest songs.

Larry the Cable Guy constantly brings the humor, whether it’s cracking jokes during comedy shows and podcasts or performing for movies and television. However, no jokes were made today upon learning of Shaver’s passing.

In his Tweet, Larry gives a great deal of credit to the outlaw-country music legend. He states Shaver’s songs are on “like 10 of the 15 playlists” he has.

Shaver is well-known for his talents in songwriting including “Honky Tonk Heroes,” “Georgia on a Fast Train” and “Live Forever.” Nine of the 10 songs on Waylon Jennings’ 1973 Honky Tonk Heroes were written by Shaver.

The country legend also recorded songs with Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. In 2010, Willie Nelson called him “the greatest living songwriter.”

Billy Joe Shaver’s song “Live Forever”, is one Larry references in his Tweet. He says “Looks like his song ‘live forever’ has come true.”

As a country music lover and fan of the late country songwriter, Larry ends with “Rest in Peace to Outlaw Country legend Billy Joe Shaver”.