Las Vegas Police Find 30 Boa Constrictors in a House and Let Owners off the Hook As No Laws Were Broken

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by MARVIN RECINOS/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s definitely a creepy situation to walk into. Imagine inspecting a home only to find dozens of slithering creatures surrounding you. This is the case of a Las Vegas residence after authorities came across 30 boa constrictors. Authorities discovered the reptiles and acted quickly.

Despite the situation, authorities concluded the residents did nothing wrong by housing the dozens of snakes. According to the AP, police entered the home after an unspecified investigation ensued. The Clark County Animal Control was brought in to assess the situation with the snakes.

Authorities also said that currently, there are no laws that prohibit residents from owning dozens of boa constrictors. After investigating the incident, authorities found no criminal charges were necessary.

The snakes were also in proper cages, authorities said.

“However, for practical purposes there would be a limit on the number of animals that someone could adequately care for,” County spokesman Dan Kulin said in an email. “For any legally owned animal the owner must provide clean water and food, a clean area or cage, the animal(s) must be kept in an appropriate area, and if confined to a cage the animal must be confined in a safe manner. Failure to provide a safe and clean living space could lead to animal cruelty charges.”

Snakes in Places They Don’t Belong

While finding dozens of boa constrictors is a bit unusual, some other breeds of snakes often wander into strange places.

This was the case in Australia when a python entered a local supermarket.

Further, video footage captured the snake hanging from one of the store shelves. Luckily, Helaina Alati came across the creature as it hung out in the spice aisle.

Alati just happened to be a volunteer snake catcher and knew just what to do.

As grocery workers attempted to help, Alati ran home to grab her snake-catching gear.

“It was chill, and not aggressive at all,” said Alati, adding that the python “slithered right into the bag.”

Authorities took the snake to another location where it could be safe from humans.

While the incident is a bit shocking, sometimes snakes wander into urban areas to find food, authorities said. The specific type of python in the store was a breed of the diamond python. They tend to snack on small mammals and birds. However, the creatures are generally not looking to hurt and human subjects.

Additionally, pythons are also found in the United States. While their presence can be a bit alarming, they’re just trying to survive like any other species. In Florida, the reptiles are considered invasive.

Invasive Burmese pythons have wreaked havoc in the Everglades, negatively impacting the ecosystem and biodiversity… Removing more than 200 Burmese pythons is a victory for our state as well as for the native animals that live here,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said after a python clean-up event.