‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen’s Mike Baxter Just Can’t Stay Away From Outdoors Man in Hilarious New Clip

by Josh Lanier

Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen, can’t stop snooping in the latest clip from Last Man Standing. The proud but protective dad gets caught checking up on his daughter as she takes over as CEO of Outdoors Man.

In the just-released clip from tonight’s episode, Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is just hanging around the break room of his old store. But Ed (Hector Elizondo) sees through the subterfuge instantly.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to check on your daughter,” Ed says.

“I’m not checking on her,” Baxter snaps. “I’m checking on you. (Beat) So how’s she doing?”

Turns out, Kristin (Amanda Fuller) is doing just fine as CEO, thriving actually. Even if she’s made some changes to Mike’s old office he’s not too happy about.

“You moved my tanks?” he asks.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would mind,” she says, to which Baxter swipes back, “You’d be wrong.”

The episode, titled “Your Move,” is one of the final three for Last Man Standing. The show airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST.

Tim Allen Shares Last Shot From Last Man Standing

It’s been a hard-fought nine seasons for Last Man Standing. The show started on ABC but was eventually canceled. Fans rallied and Fox picked up the show in the seventh season. But now that it’s coming to an end, Tim Allen is clearly going to miss this cast and crew.

Despite already having another show — Assembly Required on History Channel — Allen has continuously uploaded some of his favorite final moments from filming. He recently tweeted a photo from inside the den of the Baxter home. He captioned it “here we go finishing 9 seasons.”

Earlier this week, Allen posted a photo of an empty Baxter home. He noted that they cast plans for the table read of the final episode.

“Table read tomorrow for our last show of nine grateful seasons,” he wrote. “Thanks to all who watch our work.”

Nancy Travis, who plays Vanessa Baxter, Mike’s wife, has also shared some final moments from filming. She posted on her Instagram Wednesday. “Finishing up 9 seasons of a special show,” she wrote. The comments are full of famous names and familiar people and a lot of fans who want to wish the cast well.

“This show is one of the most wholesome shows we have left ❤️😢👏. Going to miss you guys!”

The final episode will air April 15th on Fox.