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Laundrie Family Slammed by Victim Rights Advocate Over Silence Regarding Gabby Petito’s Death

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Today, the Petito family mourns the loss of their daughter as initial autopsy results confirm the death of Gabby Petito by homicide. Though the full autopsy results may not be revealed for weeks, the public remains upset with the Laundrie family’s handling of the circumstances.

Their son, Brian Laundrie, rose to the top on the list of persons of interest for this case. He was one of the last people to see Gabby Petito alive. Instead of reporting her missing, he chose to go about his life as though nothing changed. After reportedly returning to Florida without Gabby in her own van at the beginning of September, his family did much the same. Neighbors even caught glimpses of the family riding their bikes together at one point.

For weeks, the Laundrie family refused to make any comments about the situation as officials and Gabby’s parents pled for their cooperation. It wasn’t until the FBI got involved that their controversial lawyer started making vague statements on the family’s behalf. We have yet to hear anything from them directly. Now, a Victim Rights Advocate is joining the masses to slam the Laundrie family over their continued silence.

Victim Rights Advocate Wants More for Gabby Petito and Family

Callahan Walsh is the son of former “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh. As a professional Victim Rights Advocate, he has some authority on the subject. He joined Fox on Wednesday for a segment regarding the Gabby Petito case. He picked the Laundrie family’s response (or lack thereof) apart:

We don’t know what he told his parents, but the fact that his parents have been uncooperative and have not answered questions by the Petito family… I mean, imagine if it was their son that was missing and Gabby had showed up in his van. They would want answers, and the fact that they’re not providing any is horrible. And the fact that they’ve lawyered up. Look, I understand that’s the advice, but come on, we’ve got a missing girl here whose death now has been ruled a homicide. You have your son, who this is her fiancé, he shows up without her, and you don’t ask any questions? You don’t ask where she is or what’s been going on? If you are asking those questions and getting answers, you’re not providing that to the family or law enforcement? What’s going on? What is happening here?

As Long As They’re Not Talking, Internet Sleuths Are Putting in Work

Many in the general public feel similar to the way both Callahan Walsh and John Walsh. They can’t wrap their heads around the perceived lack of empathy from the Laundrie family. Internet sleuths are coming out tenfold to try to get some answers for the Petito family surrounding their daughter’s tragic fate.

Over the past week, these sleuths uncovered several social media accounts they believe belong to Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito. One of these accounts allegedly from Laundrie is particularly unsettling. Whether it reveals clues about a premeditated plan or simply darker aspects of his personality, it doesn’t look good.