Laura Ingraham Scorches Democrats for Remote DNC Plans

by Hunter Miller

Laura Ingraham isn’t mincing words on the Democrats plan regarding the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. The Fox News host took to Twitter on Sunday night to share her thoughts.

CNN Politics tweeted a story on Sunday about Democrat officials telling members of Congress not to travel to the convention. Laura Ingraham retweeted the article with the comment: “Of course! They don’t want Biden to have to speak or debate or campaign.”

Ingraham’s tweet stirred up a mixed reaction on Twitter. Shortly after sending the tweet, a number of users voiced their support for Ingraham’s claims. Meanwhile, others took to the comments to dispute the assertion.

The DNC Goes Virtual

The DNC committee explains that members of state delegations should plan to participate remotely in this year’s convention. Chasseny Lewis, a member of the DNC committee, penned an email to congressional aides in regards to the issue.

“We have been working closely with state and local public health officials, as well (as) epidemiologists, and have come to the hard decision that members of Congress should not plan to travel to Milwaukee,” Lewis wrote. “No delegates will travel to Milwaukee and Caucus and Council meetings will take place virtually.”

In June, Democrats announced plans to scale down the convention. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, officials already moved the convention back by a month. Organizers with the DNC informed convention delegates and state parties that voting is virtual. The convention is set to take place on August 17-20.

Katie Peters, a spokesperson for the committee, commented on the safety measures for the convention. “Ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved with the 2020 Democratic National Convention drives every decision we make,” Peters said. “And this communication reiterates our guidance from several weeks ago that all members of state delegations—including elected leaders—should plan to conduct their official business remotely.”

In conclusion, Peters said: “Last week, we sent delegates guidance on how they will vote and we look forward to sharing more details on other opportunities for delegates in the coming weeks”

While Democrats plan to go virtual for the convention, Republicans still plan to hold a national convention in Jacksonville, Florida, CNN reports.