Leann Rimes Reveals Advice She Would Give to Her Younger Self and Young People In Music Industry

by Keeli Parkey

Days before her new album is released, Leann Rimes is looking back at her past.

Rimes, 38, will release “Chant: The Human & The Holy” on Friday, Nov. 20. It is an album unlike her previous work in that it is focused on mantras and messages of hope. The singer is best known for country staples such as “Blue,” “How Do I Live” and “Can’t Fight the Moonlight.”

Rimes told Billboard that she became focused on spirituality around the age of 30 while struggling with anxiety and depression.

However, her spiritual journey has led Rimes to create this unique album and, more importantly, examine the past. That introspection has resulted in the singer taking stock of how her life changed when she rocketed to fame at the age of 14. At that time she won Grammy awards for best new artist and best female country performance.

Leann Rimes Offers Her Advice

When asked by Billboard what advice she would give to her younger self, Rimes said: “The most important advice I would tell that little girl would be to trust. To keep trusting her intuition. To keep trusting that clear voice inside her heart that started her journey. Every time I leaned back to listen to that voice, it always led me down the most magical road of learning.”

Rimes also shared advice for artists hoping to make it in the music business.

“You can’t really avoid troubles,” Leann Rimes said. “They are part of living life.  Both the shadows and the light of my journey are equally important to bringing me to who I am today. You can remember to trust your instincts, and not selfishly use those instincts to cause you or anyone else any damage. Remember we are all a part of this world.”

Rimes has recently shared a preview of the new album.