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Listen: Farmer Places Chilling 911 Call After Finding Wife Impaled With Corn Rake

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: LOUIE DOUVIS, Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)

The unbelievable 911 phone call is difficult to listen to – but was this rural American farmer tragedy an accident – or a murder?

“My wife… she’s unresponsive… I don’t know if she tripped, or… I don’t know!”

Todd Mullis sprints through his words as he’s out of breath in his truck. His wife, Amy Mullis, is completely unresponsive and covered in blood. Their son holds her as Todd drives, his voice signaling absolute panic.

The 911 responder immediately becomes alarmed by the farmer. “Okay, we’ll get an ambulance going in just a second,” she responds frantically. Typically, responders are experts at keeping their cool. But the situation is so dire – and so unexpected – that everyone is completely on edge.

911 Corn Rake Call:

“I’m headed there!” Todd yells. “I just grabbed her and threw her in the truck! My son’s holding her.”

911: You’re headed to the hospital and she’s in your vehicle?

Todd: Yes… and there’s no pulse! She… there’s… there’s no pulse…

911: Can you pull over?

Todd: I can.

911: Okay, how about you pull over.

Todd: Can I do anything? There’s just – there’s nothing!

Scrambling, the responder asks for his name – and Todd gives it. At this point, 911 needs at least some detail.

“Okay – so what happened that she is not conscious or breathing?” 911 asks.

Todd: She fell on a fork! I pulled a g*dd*mn fork on her! It was an old fork… sitting somewhere and then she was halfway out of the barn! Like she’s crawling to get out! And then Trsiten yells, and I ran over there and she’s laying there… She is not responding… Come on…”

The responder then attempts to switch the panic-stricken husband from explaining the situation – to CPR. “Sir, do you feel comfortable trying CPR?” She asks.

Todd: I can try – I’ll try anything!

He tries, desperately, as he calls out his wife’s name over and over. “Amy!” he cries out – but still… she is unresponsive. “She’s cold,” he adds. 911 attempts to guide him through the process, but things don’t look good. In fact, they only get far, far worse.

Listen to The Call

Take a listen at your own risk:

The call ends without a clear conclusion, leaving listeners on edge. So, what happened to Amy?

Amy’s Fate & Questions Surrounding The Case

When Amy reaches the hospital, she is pronounced dead. Potential heartbreak, however, quickly turns to suspicion. The doctor who examines her is shocked at her condition. Dr. Craig Thompson was told her death had to be a “freak accident” upon her arrival. Firstly, he suspects she’s been dead several hours. But what he finds next is something he’ll never forget.

Corn rakes are huge, incredibly sharp farm tools with four long prongs. Dr. Thompson finds six holes in Amy’s back. Immediately, his mind switches from “freak accident” – to “cold-blooded murder”.

Was the panicking farmer‘s reaction all a ruse? Did he actually murder his wife? Or is the call as genuine as it sounds – and the situation far more complex than it seems? Listen to the audio for yourself – but be warned – it is difficult to listen to. Once you’ve listened, several news agencies have follow-up details you’ll have to read to believe. One is Todd Mullis and his son’s side of the story. The other… is the verdict.

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