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Little Girl Rocketed Way Into the Air in Terrifying Kite Mishap: Video

by Caroline Bynum
(Photo credit SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images)

A 3-year-old girl was hurled into the air during a kite festival in Nanliao, Taiwan. She entangled with one end of the kite’s strips and flew through the sky, holding on for dear life.


A video of the incident hit Youtube on Sunday. In the video, screaming attendees attempt to figure out how to safely bring her back to land. Eventually, the young girl returns to the ground and a crowd swarms to confirm her safety.

The Youtube video’s caption says in Chinese, “The Hsinchu International Kite Festival was held at the Nanliao Fishing Port… It was terrifying! The three-year-old girl was swept away by the kite. Fortunately, her neck and face were slightly bruised. However, she still needs physical and mental treatment due to excessive shock!”

Another video on Facebook, shot by a festival attendee, says, “Please be careful when parents bring their children to the Kite Festival!” Adding, “It really happened in an instant, so people with children must pay attention to it!”


According to TaiwanNews, the fourth annual Hsinchu International Kite Festival began earlier this weekend. The northeastern region is famous for its high winds, perfect for kiting. The sudden, strong gust during which the injury occurred, was reportedly a 7 on the Beaufort scale.

After her release from the hospital, the young girl is now home safe. The city government immediately called off the festival following the incident.

Soon after the kite mishap, the city mayor took to Facebook to share his condolences and apology. “The municipal team expresses its deepest apologies to the parties and the community at large,” Mayor Lin Chih-chien says. He assures that authorities are reviewing the incident to prevent future similar injuries, adding “We will review the reasons to avoid the recurrence of accidents, and we will take accountability.”