Local BBQ Restaurant, Others Stay On-Hand to Feed Firefighters During California Wildfires

by Megan Molseed

Local California restaurants are staying on-call, and on-hand, day or night in an effort to makes sure the brave firefighters fighting the widespread wildfire flames remain fed while on duty. It’s a valuable act; one that does so much to help the selfless heroes as they work tirelessly to keep the west coast safe.

“My heart is to serve and to be able to give back to the community that has given us so much,” said Jeff Salters, the owner of Salty’s Barbecue. Salty’s Barbecue is one of the local establishments that have committed to feeding the firefighters.

“We’re on an emergency call list for the fire department,” Salters continued. “When they get a big fire that breaks out, they need to feed guys and they need them quick.”

For Salters, this kind act comes down to one specific point; that it takes a village to help battle the wildfires.

A “Village” Steps In To Help the Heros

Salty’s Barbecue is one of the multiple restaurants that have stepped up to help the law enforcement officials as they work tirelessly to fight the area fires. According to Salters, the establishments feel that every little bit they can help is always going to be worth it.

“You call they run, so here’s an opportunity for them to call and for us to run,” the restaurant owner said of why he decided to help. “That’s a great opportunity, makes you feel good.”

Most recently, noted Salters, Salty’s was on hand to step in and feed the heroes as the Kern County French Fires took hold of the area last week.

“That was the case last week,” said Salters. “We were called Thursday morning, and that afternoon we had meals for 300 guys out at the fire to help them through.”

The French Fire’s flames began on Wednesday, August 18 in Kern County California. By Friday, the wildfire had burned over 22,000 acres and was only nineteen percent contained.

Always Ready To Go To Help Those Who Battle the Wildfires

The effort to contain the wildfire is a night and day dedication. And, Salty’s is always ready to go.

“We’ve had them in the middle of the night,” Salters said of the phone calls he and fellow restaurant owners receive as being part of the wildfire emergency call list. “We’ve had them first thing in the morning for that afternoon.”

And, noted Salters, he’s grateful to his entire team for making these moments happen.

“I call them up and say hey guys we got a fire to order, let’s jump in,” Salters said of his team. “Then everybody comes in and steps up and works overtime.”

Salters added that helping as he can is something that makes him feel good. Especially since the tireless firefighters are facing some risky moments as they battle the wildfire.

“It just makes you feel good because you understand what they’re going through,” said Salters. “It’s a tough time, it’s a 24/7 gig for those guys.”