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Local Firefighters Honor 9/11 Victims With 110-Story Stair Climb

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: RJ Sangosti / Contributor/ Getty Image)

On the 19th anniversary of 9/11, firefighters are raising money and remembering their fallen brothers and sisters who died in the Twin Towers. 

Tomorrow at 8 a.m., firefighters in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, will be partaking in “a 110-story stair climb for 9/11,” said Capt. Roy Lane. 

Each of the twin towers in New York City was 110 stories tall. 

“We do it in honor of the firefighters and policemen and EMS that died on 9/11, that made the climb (knowing) they probably weren’t going to make it out, but made the climb anyway to try to save lives,” Lane said. 

More than 25,000 people were injured, and 2,996 Americans lost their lives. Thousands of others have also perished from health issues related to that dreadful day. 

September 11 was the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history, as well as the deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in US History. Roughly 343 firefighters and 72 police officers perished. 

The Poplar Bluff Fire Department usually does their climb in Clayton, a suburb of St. Louis, but they are asking everyone to do it virtually because of the pandemic. 

Lane says that Planet Fitness has six stair-stepping machines. 

“We’ll try to use them all, but one,” Lane said. “We’re going to start at eight and go until everyone is done.”

Not only will the firefighters be walking up 110 stories, they will be doing it in full gear, which weighs about 45 to 70 pounds and holds in heat. 

Lane said he is also trying to recruit some police officers to join them. 

“At Clayton, we had police and (National) guard also do it,” said Lane. He adds that other civilians and wives of firefighters join the climb. 

Lane has not missed the climb since the start of the event in 2012. 

‘Supporting Heroes’ on 9/11

Money raised will be donated to Supporting Heroes. Supporting Heroes supports the families of firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency-medical-services who have died in the line of duty in the area. 

Thankfully they have never had to use the money yet. 

“We’ve gotten close, but we’ve been really lucky,” Lane said. “It is nice to know there is such a great organization, Supporting Heroes, to help our families. I hope we never have to use them.”

Anyone who would like to donate may do so at https://p2p.onecause.com/claytonclimb.

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