Local Outsider: Wes Blankenship Drums Up the Wildest Menu He’s Seen Yet at the Misty Mountain Hops in Georgia

by Halle Ames

Wes Blankenship is back and putting his stomach to the test with the wildest menu he has seen yet at Georgia’s Misty Mountain Hops.

Outsider’s very own Wes Blankenship is back and hungrier than ever with his latest edition of Local Outsider. But instead of biker gangs or swarms of cicadas, he has opted for a tastier kind of spot.

In the north-central part of Georgia, in the very small town of Blue Ridge, hides a restaurant that you may want to wear your stretchy pants for. We know that they may only be a Thanksgiving occurrence, but you will thank us.

Wes Blankenship Ventures to Misty Mountain Hops

Misty Mountain Hops is the delicious destination in question. Wes Blankenship notes that Misty Mountain Hops’ best quality lies a little closer to home. The locals are what makes this restaurant so special to this community.

We get it. The pandemic was strenuous on everyone. But it was the small mom-and-pop shops and restaurants like this that took the biggest toll during the stay-at-home order. Well, not in this town. They made sure this new staple wasn’t going anywhere.

Wes Blankenship stops by the restaurant to get an insider view, Outsider style.

“Misty Mountain Hops in Blue Ridge, Georgia is big on music and bigger on the locals,” states Blankenship. “Locals own it, locals eat it. Locals made sure that this restaurant not only survived the pandemic, after opening in 2019, they made it a destination.”

Aaron Born, the co-owner of Misty Mountain Hops, explains that the restaurant didn’t have a long life before the pandemic threw a wrench in their plans.

“We opened March 26, two years ago, and March 13, last year, we had to close down due to Covid. We were lucky supported by the locals and the town.”

Born’s partner in crime… we mean business, Jamie Born, continues, telling Wes Blankenship how generous the community was to their eatery.

“We did to-go for quite a while, and they tipped their servers amazingly. They sent us money. Without them, we would not have stayed alive.”

Fan Favorite Food

But don’t take it from them. Take it from their loyal customers.

“It’s a great, great place,” notes a man in a very dapper cowboy hat. “Good stuff. Yep, good stuff.”

If you are hungry, feast your eyes upon the video below. Wes Blankenship highlights some favorites on the menu, which include the fried deviled eggs, the “Fat Bottom Girl” burrito, which is swimming in a pool of queso, and the Reeses cheesecake that boasts a brownie crust.

Excuse me for a moment. I need to order a delivery. I wonder how far they ship because this food took top-tier.

Wes Blankenship offers a bit of advice to those daring enough to take on the menu.

“If it’s on the board when you come in, don’t panic, just pace yourself and let it rip… Good job, Blue Ridge!”

Spoken like a true expert.