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Local Outsider: Wes Blankenship Heads to Tennessee To Check Out The Love Bus Food Truck

by Halle Ames
Photo courtesy of Outsider's Wes Blankenship

Haven’t had lunch yet? Buckle up, Outsider’s very own Wes Blankenship hit the road for Tennessee to check out the best cuisine on wheels.

Wes Blankenship took to the pavement to find the best food Tennessee has to offer on Loretta Lynn’s ranch. Where is this mysterious, mystical mirage of food and country music? Well, take a right at that stick and keep driving until you see the hills.

But really, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, directly an hour and forty-five minutes between Nashville and Jackson, nestled in the trees, is Loretta Lynn’s beautiful ranch.

Wes Blankenship Takes to the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival

From May 20-23, foodies, country music fans, and biker bro’s alike all flocked to the country legends ranch for the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival event. Outsider’s Wes Blankenship was one of the masses, but unfortunately, it was all look but don’t touch for the motorcycle event.

Such a tease.

“I’m here at the Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, and I’ve seen a ton of bikes, but I’m not allowed to get on any of them, so I decided I get on a food truck instead. But the food truck is actually a bus… A love bus.”

A smart man that speaks directly to our heart.

The Love Bus

Blankenship caught up with Kelsey Keiler, a one-woman show on The Love Bus food truck. I mean, she drives the kitchen on wheels, she serves the customers, and she cooks delicious-looking food. What can’t she do?

Keiler reveals the secret recipe for their amazing food to Wes Blankenship. The secret is love… and a massive smoker.

“Okay, so him and his son actually just made this smoker yesterday,” states Keiler. “He smokes all of the pork and stuff, pulls it here. This is Papa Jack right here. How long have I been working for you, Papa Jack?”

“Forever,” laughs Papa Jack, the owner of The Love Bus. “Forever.”

“I think I’ve been working since I was in like middle school,” says Keiler. “He was my granddad’s friend, and I met them one day, and I’ve been working since then, and I’m nineteen now.”

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the meat and potatoes. What is The Love Bus specialty menu item? Wes Blankenship has you covered there as well.

“Our brisket. We don’t have it often. He really just brings it out for Loretta Lynns.”

Several pictures of mouth-watering brisket-covered nachos and tacos grace our screen. Could this get any better? Loretta and brisket nachos? Well, another worker said something worth noting.

“Everything’s served with love.”

In that case, I’ll take the left side of the menu, please!