Lockheed Martin Exec Further Fuels UFO Speculation After Refusing To Comment on ‘Flying Saucer’ Aircraft

by Lauren Boisvert

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works general manager Jeff Babione is notoriously tight-lipped. Working on top-secret aerospace projects, I suppose he has to be. But recently, he sparked some rumors by being sly about the “flying saucer” posted on TikTok.

In a Defense One webinar, reporters asked Babione to speak about the alleged UFO; “I can’t,” he replied, according to the Daily Mail. Reporters then asked, “Has your security posture changed?” to which Babione answered, “We’re good.”

The questions come after a UFO-shaped plane was seen being towed on a flatbed truck. Twitter user Ruben Hofs figured out it was the Lockheed Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility in Helendale, Calif.

One Twitter user was sure they knew what the UFO-like structure was. They wrote, “It’s a demonstration model for the shape and/or possibly the skin material. Probably not functional or even final design.” They went on to say that the big “foot” on the bottom of the craft was to secure it so engineers could test for stealth.

Others questioned how the TikTok video appeared at all. “If this IS a top secret project, why and how is the government allowing folks running around with cellphones to take photos of it and post them in the clear,” said Twitter user Ben Sharp. “I am as fascinated to see this as the next person, but neither I nor anyone should see it so freely.”

Some users thought the craft looked like a B-21 Stealth Bomber prototype. Others still thought it looked a little “alien.”

Whatever it is, it looks like we’re not getting any answers from Skunk Works anytime soon.

Permanent Government Office to Investigate UFOs?

Sign me right up. Or, maybe, get someone actually qualified and not just a big UFO enthusiast. Either way, the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act may lead to an actual governmental department dedicated to researching and investigating UFOs. Or, as the government likes to call them, unidentified aerial phenomena.

So, about that government UFO office; the National Defense Authorization Act is a 1,000-plus page document. It”authorizes fiscal year appropriations and sets forth policies for the Department of Defense,” among other things. This year, there was a blink and you miss it five-page report featuring the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

The potential task force’s duties include, “Developing procedures to synchronize and standardize the collection, reporting, and analysis of incidents regarding unidentified aerial phenomena across the Department of Defense.”

It would also include “developing processes and procedures to ensure that such incidents from each military department are reported and incorporated in a centralized repository.”

Basically, the task force wants to focus more on determining whether or not a UFO is from another government. Not so much on if it’s from outer space.