Take a Look at the Waterfront Campsite Where Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Brian Laundrie Is Hiding from Police

by John Jamison

Dog the Bounty Hunter thinks he knows where Brian Laundrie is hiding. The TV personality, whose real name is Duane Chapman, recently threw himself headfirst into the case surrounding Gabby Petito’s murder. Today we learned that Dog would be temporarily relocating to Florida to better assist in searching for the wanted Brian Laundrie. That move appears to be paying off already, as we just learned that Chapman has a working theory regarding Laundrie’s whereabouts.

In recent days, Dog the Bounty Hunter seems to have made an impact on the search effort. It was revealed that the Laundrie family, Brian and his parents included, made multiple camping trips to Fort De Soto Park in the days following Brian’s return to Florida.

Then, according to Dog, the second occasion found the Laundrie parents leaving the park by themselves.

“Allegedly, what we’re hearing, is two people left [the campsite] on the 8th. Three people came in on the 6th, and two people left on the 8th. I think he’s been here for sure. We think at least if he’s not here right now, we are sure he was caught on camera as he went in the gate — that he was here for sure. Not over in the swamp,” Dog the Bounty Hunter told FOX News. 

The Fort De Soto Park area would be a dream hiding place for someone like Brian Laundrie, who is reportedly experienced in wilderness survival. It boasts seven miles of shoreline and plenty of tree cover, for example.

10 Tampa Bay sent a news helicopter to scope out the campground area. You can take a look at the terrain for yourself below.

Dog the Bounty Hunter believes Brian Laundrie could be hiding in this area. He thinks Laundrie could be bouncing around from island to island via canoe, for example.

Despite Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Theory, There is Reportedly No Search Underway at Fort De Soto

The area of Florida where Dog the Bounty Hunter thinks Brian Laundrie could be hiding is in Pinella County, just outside of St. Petersburg.

However, despite the tip, Dog’s follow-up research, and working theory, the Pinella County Sherriff’s Office is not convinced.

 “We are not conducting an investigation at Ft. DeSoto. We are unaware of any confirmed sightings of Brian,” a spokeswoman for the Pinella County Sherriff’s Office said, per Daily Mail.

Though, that could change at any moment.

Gabby Petito’s Family ‘Welcomes’ the Help of Duane Chapman

It’s worth mentioning, however, that Duane Chapman is not a licensed bounty hunter in the state of Florida. Even if bounty hunting was legal in the state, Brian Laundrie has not yet been arrested. He is therefore not skipping bail.

So the legality of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s manhunt is questionable. But that doesn’t matter to the family of Gabby Petito.

“We welcome help and will take help from everybody. We’d just like… we ask for help from everyone. If they see Brian Laundrie, we are asking they call law enforcement or the FBI,” Richard Stafford, Petito family attorney, said in a press conference.