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Looters Break into Evacuated Home as Couple Watches

by Jennifer Shea

An Oregon couple evacuated their home to escape wildfires only to watch it ransacked by looters.

Tracy and Marvin Johnson had just finished building their brand new green house, KOIN Channel 6 News reported. It had taken them eight years. 

The Unger Fire got to their house, part of their shed and the hiking trail behind the house. Firefighters managed to save their home. But the Johnsons’ trouble didn’t end there.

As they watched, their Nest cam turned on and informed them that there was movement on their property.

“We could see the lights pull up into our driveway,” Marvin told KOIN. “We saw the door open and could hear people inside the house talking.”

They called the police, but the looters had run off by the time police got there. The Johnsons don’t believe the looters got away with much. Moreover, they’re just happy to be able to return home now that the fire has receded.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office released a report on crimes in the evacuation area over the past week, KOIN reported. Police made 13 arrests in the evacuation zones, including for criminal trespass.

Looting has become a problem in Oregon, and not just in Portland. Many people in the state have resorted to warning signs or arming themselves, according to the New York Post. Some residents have even put up roadblocks where they demand identification from visitors to their neighborhood. More than 500,000 people have reportedly left their homes to escape the wildfires in Oregon.