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Luke Bryan Cancels Farm Tour Due to Coronavirus, Posts Lengthy Instagram Message for Fans

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: Sam Wasson / Stringer / Getty Images)

For the first time in a decade, Luke Bryan is officially canceling his Farm Tour over concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The “One Margarita” singer took to social media to share the disappointing news.

“To all my farm tour fans out there, I’m sad to announce the 2020 Farm Tour shows will not happen due to COVID-19,” he captioned the post. “We’ve been going strong for the past 11 consecutive years so this one really hurts. We have looked at all kinds of ways to continue with the shows this year but couldn’t come up with a solution to give y’all the full Farm Tour experience while keeping everyone safe. Until next year! Love y’all.”


After sharing the post on social media, the singer’s fans flooded the comments section to share their reactions to the unfortunate news. “Thanks for keeping us informed and trying to keep us safe,” one user wrote. “I’m disappointed but hopefully can see you sometime in the next couple years.” Another user commented, “So sad…but better safe than sorry.”

Luke Bryan on the Farm Tour

Bryan started the Farm Tour in 2009. The country superstar, who grew up on a peanut farm in Georgia, hopes to bring shows to towns that don’t normally hold large concerts.

“The idea behind this tour is to bring full production concerts to small towns that would not see larger-scale shows,” he previously said in a statement. “Growing up in rural Georgia we had to drive to larger cities to see concerts. It is so exciting to watch each of these shows being built like a small city in itself in the empty pasture land of these farms. We can feel the pride from the people in these towns as well as the farmers and it takes everyone coming together to pull them off!!”

The two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year winner donates proceeds from the tour to providing scholarships for students from farming families. At this time, the tour provided over 60 scholarships, according to Midwest Living.

“Farm Tour is just a different kind of show all the way around,” Bryan said. “We are setting down a small city on these farms, and our team just has a different level of excitement. The energy level for me goes up as I hit the stage and I can see how we have transformed the pasture land into a full-fledged music festival.”

In addition to the Farm Tour, Luke Bryan rescheduled his Proud to Be Right Here Tour due to the coronavirus. He pushed the tour to next year. While he won’t tour this year, Bryan’s upcoming album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here comes out on Aug. 7.