Luke Bryan’s Wife Shares Adorable Photo of Her and Dog After Both Visited the ‘Infirmary’ Due to Injuries

by Suzanne Halliburton

Caroline Bryan, wife of country star Luke Bryan, is rocking a protective boot on her lower right leg while the family dog is sporting a cone of shame.

Luke Bryan leaves his home in Tennessee for “American Idol” in California and all hell breaks loose.

Caroline, Luke’s wife, posted on Instagram a super-cute photo of herself holding one of the family’s two dogs. She captioned it “we good.”

But are they?

“Boot & Cone” she wrote. “We both needed the infirmary today….gotta be tough when you’re stupid!”

The dog, an English cocker spaniel named Boss, got into a fight with a cat. Caroline posted another photo of Boss in the cone. Choc the Lab was sweetly trying to kiss his brother, but the cone got in the way.

As for Caroline, she said “I got into a fight with myself. We both lost!”

How Did Luke Bryan Respond?

Bryan had to respond to his wife’s Instagram post this week. After all, a cat fight got both his wife and dog.

“Damn. I leave for idol and everyone gets hurt,” he posted.

Caroline Bryan Had a Bad Encounter with a Turkey

Carolina Bryan didn’t reveal exactly what happened this time. But back in June, she suffered one of the oddest sounding injuries, ever.

She had a bad encounter with a turkey named “Big Al.” Make that see ya’ Al.

Big Al, who lived on Bryan’s property, cut Caroline’s left leg. The wound needed stitches and the bird damaged a ligament in Caroline’s leg.

Luke Bryan decided to relocate the bad, bad bird as Caroline asked for mercy.

“Al’s options were very limited,” Bryan told Taste of Country. “He’s lucky he got Caroline’s option, because I had my option.”

Filming for the fourth season of the revamped American Idol started last month. Bryan is a judge with Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. Ryan Seacrest is the host.

Bryan and Caroline will celebrate their 14th anniversary next month. They have two sons.