Luke Combs Reveals Which ‘Super Jam’ Vince Gill Song He’s Been ‘Singing All Week’

by Evan Reier

Luke Combs‘ career is rooted in the country legends that came before him. One obvious name is Vince Gill.

A 2007 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee in 2007, Gill’s career spanned decades and features several hits and major accolades.

There’s no doubt that the country legend is still inspiring to this day, and one of country’s biggest stars in Combs is proving that.

Responding to fellow country artist Ray Fulcher, Combs said that he get can’t get enough of Gill’s ballad, ‘Pretty Little Adriana.’

“Is there a track on earth smoother than Vince Gill “Pretty Little Adriana”? I think not,” Fulcher tweeted.

“Been singing it all week since you posted it pal. SUPER Jam!” Combs responded.

It’s hard to blame Combs. The song, simple in nature, is indeed smooth and a lovely sample of Gill at his best in the mid-1990s. Released as the third single of his album, High Lonesome Sound, it’s a love song that really exemplifies Gill’s work.

Further, the track was one of many Gill songs that reached high spots on the charts. On the Billboard Hot Country chart, the song peaked at No.2. Meanwhile, the song reached No.3 on the RPM’ Canada Country Tracks.

Luke Combs Almost Ran Over Vince Gill

Well, Combs isn’t just a Gill fan, he almost was a Gill attacker.

Talking to Taste of Country, Combs explains that he nearly took down the country legend while at a Nashville bar.

In the interview, Combs said that he was moving quickly and carelessly, and almost knocked Gill down a flight of stairs.

Of course, Combs apologized as much as he could, and Gill responded with understanding and the iconic cool demeanor he’s displayed his entire career.

“I didn’t have a publishing deal, a record deal,” Combs said. “I had just moved to Nashville a couple of months before this, and it was just like super awkward.”

At the end of the day, it was all fine. But we can’t blame Combs for being nervous. In the early days of one’s career, that kind of mistake could’ve really come back to haunt the now-popular singer.