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Mail Mystery: Hundreds of FedEx Packages Found in Alabama Ravine

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The United States has seen an uptick in package deliveries that began at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, combined with approaching holiday madness, we will definitely see some delivery mix-ups regarding packages across the country. However, one news story has Outsiders nationally confused. This week, hundreds of FedEx packages were found littering the bottom of an Alabama Ravine.

Wednesday marked a weird day for authorities in Blount County, AL when the packages were discovered in a ravine on private property. According to CNN, 300 to 400 packages of various sizes covered the bottom of the ravine, an unfortunate fate for consumers awaiting potential holiday gifts.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office shared the news in a Facebook post the same day. The outlet further said, “Hopefully we will have some answers soon.”

Soon after, a FedEx area manager stated trucks across the south were to come and collect the dumped packages. Laborers began the arduous work early Thursday morning.

Of the incident itself, CNN delivered a statement from the carrier to the public. FedEx states that, amid the strange event, the “security of our customers’ shipments is a top priority.” The company continued with, “we are committed to treating our customers’ packages with the utmost care.”

Further, FedEx stated alongside their work with local authorities, the company intends to conduct a review of its own. Hopefully, as the holidays, draw rapidly near, we soon learn the cause behind this unique event.

FedEx Driver Caught On Camera in Moving Patriotic Act

As we know, the pandemic and the holidays make this time of year particularly challenging for our nation’s FedEx drivers. However, despite the aggravation, many of those drivers find the time to maintain their kindness, compassion, and humanity.

Recently, one American’s Ring camera system caught their own FedEx delivery driver conducting a heartwarming act of his own. As such, we’re sure he takes great care in the delivery of customers’ packages.

Fox News shared a brief clip of the kind and patriotic FedEx driver when he noticed one resident’s American flag had fallen down into nearby bushes. Intent on replacing the flag back to its rightful position, the driver walks over to the bush and picks the symbolic item up.

Placing the flag back in its mounted holder on the wall, Outsider feels a sense of pride and patriotism as the FedEx driver then salutes the flag before returning to work.

In the text following the post, the news outlet shared the clip with an eye-catching caption. “THE TOTAL PACKAGE: FedEx driver’s stirring act of patriotism captured on doorbell camera.”

The home’s residents were especially grateful for the patriotic truck driver.

North Carolina resident Karla Cruz shared with the news outlet that she had immigrated to the United States from Mexico. She said, “America brought us the American Dream…It’s been amazing. The fact that he came and put our flag up is great.”

As the holidays, draw near, despite delays in deliveries, do your best to show compassion to your local FedEx drivers. After all, they’re giving a lot more to their jobs than a lot of other individuals out there this time of year.