Maine Campground, Farm Owners Using Their Property to Help Support Active Military Members and Vets

by Matthew Wilson

Farmers in Maine united to help military service members and veterans. Owners, who operate a farm and campground, are using their land to support the military. They want their property to be a place of both therapy, recovery, and relaxation.

Speaking with WMTW 8, owner Tammy Braun discussed why her farm and campground makes the perfect opportunity to help military members and veterans.

“I can think of no better atmosphere than a field full of lavender sitting right on the banks of a river, ton of opportunities for outdoor recreation therapy,” Braun told the outlet. Braun is the owner of Riverside Lavender Farm, an operation lavender farm in Maine. She co-owns the business with Mark Braun. In their spare time, the two are busy helping schedule and host military members for visits.

“Just utter enjoyment is what we’re hoping for them. We’ve got a lot of activities set up. We’ve got a picnic set up for them,” Tammy Braun said.

Likewise, Mark believes in the work that they do, calling the experience worthwhile.

“Having a place that we can do that here is very rewarding to us,” Mark Braun said. Mark himself served in the military as well, retiring as a Marine master gunnery sergeant. Afterward, he found a second career as a farmer but never left his military roots behind.

Farm Owners Have Deep Military Roots

Likewise, Mark’s sons are also active members of the military. Meanwhile, Tammy’s brother and father both served in the line of duty as well. They also partnered with the Maine Grown by Vets as well. That organization focuses on increasing the amount of agricultural produce and farms by veterans.

“I just don’t think that enough is done for veterans and active duty service members to thank them for their sacrifice of leaving their own families,” Tammy Braun said.

So what can military members expect from the farm? Well, the property also has a riverside camping area as well. The two all military members and veterans to use the area freely with their families. Over the years, the Brauns have added onto their property. The duo plan to introduce a cabin later this year for military members to stay in while camping.

“We know the sacrifices that they give, and not all the time they can come back to family and decompress a little bit, and that’s special for us to be able to say we can do that for you,” Mark Braun said.

Tammy and Mark are more than happy to share their property with military members and veterans.

“It’s for them. It’s for them to be able to get together with like-minded people and people who understand the military life and let them enjoy themselves for an afternoon,” Tammy Braun said.