Major New York City Power Outage May Have Been Caused By Someone Accidentally Pressing ‘Emergency Power Off’ Button

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Thousands of New Yorkers are dependent upon New York City’s subways to get them where they need to go. However, an August power outage saw hundreds of subway passengers stranded. Transit saw interruption for several hours due to human error and mismanagement. Most likely possibilities connect back to an activated “emergency power off” button, according to authorities.

Investigations continued as of Friday, and the above were the findings so far. AP stated outside investigators looking into the power outage believe there is a “strong possibility” the button saw accidental activation. Reportedly, the button’s plastic guard meant to prevent such accidents was nowhere to be found according to statements released by NY Governor Kathy Hochul.

The outlet further stated that the system’s power outage affected more than 80 trains within the subway system. Due to complications, crews could not restore power for 84 total minutes. In response to the blackout, Hochul ordered a full review of operation centers across the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The aim is to identify and repair potential weaknesses.

Additionally, while the subways’ blackout frustrated numerous passengers, authorities had other issues they had to combat. AP reported that passengers aboard two of the system’s trains took it upon themselves to exit the vehicles, putting them on the tracks. Their decision further delayed rescue efforts.

State Governor Hochul said, in response to the power outage, “New Yorkers deserve absolute confidence in a fully functioning subway system, and it is our job to restore that confidence.”

New Orleans’ Major Power Outage to be 90% Reversed Wednesday

The mass transit power outage no doubt created major delays and inconveniences for New Yorkers across the city. However, the city blackout pales comparatively to power outages across the state of Louisiana.

Hurricane Ida slammed into the LA coast on August 29th, knocking out power to millions of homes and commercial buildings. Nine days after the Category-4 hurricane ravaged the southeast coast, more than 400,000 Louisianans still didn’t have power. However, shortly, the power outage should see an end. Recent reports claim 90% of New Orleans should see power restored by Wednesday.

Since Ida made landfall and power outages sprawled across the state, about 75% of homes and structures have had electricity restored. As of yesterday, the southern state’s Governor John Bel Edwards said there are still 271,218 power outages across the state post-Ida.

The region’s electrical crew, Entergy, has been working to restore power to homes. However, persistent rain and inclement weather have slowed efforts. Nevertheless, the company’s LA Vice President of Distribution Operations, John Hawkins said, “Our crews are encountering massive damage – particularly in the hardest-hit areas.”

However, the VP continued, emphasizing that Entergy has “a storm team of nearly 26,000 people who will not stop until the last light is back on.”