Major Winter Storm Coming Across American West: What to Know

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Matthias Bein/picture alliance via Getty Images

There’s another major winter storm that will hit the Western region of the U.S. Perhaps we can blame this storm on our friend Punxsutawney Phil who predicted six more weeks of winter earlier this month.

The next big storm is starting up in the West and will bring with it some heavy snowfall, strong winds, and all-around severe weather conditions over the next few days. There will be high wind alerts in California. The cooler weather and air are approaching the state after it had record-breaking heat for this time of the year.

Not to mention, this gusty air quality will actually enhance the overall fire danger all the way from the Southwest to the Plains. Firefighters are preparing for the possibility of dangerous fires breaking out in these areas.

If you live in the southern Plains or in the Southeast, expect the weather to hit you Wednesday and Thursday. For people living in Oklahoma all the way up to the areas surrounding the Great Lakes, there will be heavy snowfall coming your way.

According to Today, the winter storm has already dropped a bucket of snow onto the Rockies and the Sierra this morning. As the system moves toward the East starting on Thursday it will bring rain and ice to the Great Lakes area. There will also be a flood threat for the Tennessee and the Ohio River Valley. The cold front will eventually exit the East Coast on Friday morning, which will draw in very cold and strong winds in the area. This could potentially cause some airport delays in certain regions out there.

What to Consider for the Rest of the Winter

As of now, we are more than halfway through winter. That’s good news for all the people that cringe and curse at the sight of any kind of snow falling from the sky or ice-cold temperatures numbing the body.

This winter season has provided a lot of interesting and devastating twists. In December, there were spring-like patterns that caused tornado outbreaks in many regions all around the country. It killed people in more than nine states. The Marshall Fire in Colorado also broke out in December. The warm temperatures and dry vegetation, mixed with dangerous wind conditions, caused a fire to break out and burn acres of land.

Although the thought of warmer weather sounds pleasant, there are other factors to consider in it all.

According to Forbes, the hot December weather affected crops due to the drought in some states. Despite all that, there will be more winter-like weather in February. That includes a lot of cold temperatures in the Pacific Northwest. There will be warmer weather in the East and expanding to the West.