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Man Arrested After Setting Massive NYC Christmas Tree Ablaze

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Millions of people have already lit up their Christmas trees this holiday season. These festive green trees shine brightly in living rooms and shopping areas. When it came to lighting up his tree, however, one man took it all way too literally.

New York Man Sets Christmas Tree on Fire

The man was arrested after he was spotted setting a Christmas tree outside of NYC’s Midtown News Corporation building on fire. This building houses the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and Fox News.

The massive Christmas tree was seen absolutely engulfed in flames just after midnight on Wednesday. The bright orange flames reached the very tip of the holiday display. The fire also spread and damaged other nearby trees with Christmas lights on them.

According to the New York Post, Craig Tamanaha is facing arson, criminal mischief, criminal trespass, and reckless endangerment charges after the entire situation. His arsonist action has created about $500,000 in property damages. He apparently commonly hangs out in the area.

Sadly, this is not the only crime that has so far occurred during the holiday season.

On November 21, the popular Waukesha Christmas Parade turned into a horror scene when an SUV plowed through the crowd. As a result, five people were killed, and more than 40 others were injured.

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the vehicle went through parade barriers and struck over 20 people. Many of those injured were also children. The local Children’s Wisconsin hospital had 15 patients.

Shortly after the event, a person of interest was taken into custody. The parade is one of the city’s largest annual events. A huge crowd gathered on both sides of the road to watch the event.

Purchasing Christmas Trees this Season

When it comes to decorating for those who celebrate Christmas, there is always one important decision — real or artificial tree?

Many people love the tradition of going to cut down their very own fresh evergreen on a cold winter day. Others value the convenience of a pre-lit tree they can pack away in their basement.

When it comes to a decision, experts actually say that a natural evergreen can offer a lot of mental health benefits. This is a major plus for many people, especially during the long and cold winter days. According to CNN, a 2018 study published in Behavioral Sciences proved that exposing yourself to natural environments reduces psychological stress.

Therefore, bringing that Christmas tree inside can help reduce anxiety and depression. This is similar to the idea that mindless forest walks have an overall positive effect on a person’s well-being and health.

However, if convenience and ease are best for you, an artificial tree can still provide an uptick in mental health.