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Man Arrested in Vegas for Attempting to Steal Jet So He Could Fly to Area 51

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Barry King/WireImage)

On Wednesday (12/8), a man arrested at an airport told police of his plan to reach Area 51. He stated that he wanted to steal a jet so he could fly into the restricted area to look at aliens.

After driving through security fences at McCarran International Airport, the man parked on an aircraft ramp and made a bomb threat. The man was reportedly driving recklessly and, after entering the airport, almost crashed into several planes. He was arrested for threatening terroristic acts, along with trespassing and dispersing a hoax substance.

Once detained by police, what looked to be the makings of a bomb were found in his car. The man’s pursuit of aliens disrupted air traffic and elicited a response from Las Vegas police and the FBI.

The suspect claimed he had legal representation, but CNN reports that the law firm in question is not representing him.

Aliens in Area 51?

Area 51 has long been a point of interest for conspiracy theorists and paranormal hunters alike. Rumored to be where the U.S. government keeps aliens and UFOs, the area is currently used as a training range for the U.S. Air Force. Area 51’s name comes from its map designation. It’s located in the Nevada Test and Training Range, an extension of the Nellis Air Force Base.

Of course, all this speculation is just that. Speculation. Trespassing on the base can result in deadly force being used against you, so it’s best to wonder from afar.

Do Cattle Hold the Answer to Our Alien Questions?

A cattle ranch that borders the base went on the market earlier this year for a cool $4.5 million. The listing has since been removed. The 80-acre ranch comes with everything a rancher might need. Two homes are located on the property, as is a shop, two barns, and, of course, cattle. Up to 750 cattle can call this expansive property home.

Every home has pros and cons, and this property is no different. Plenty of tourists in the area pay the ranch a visit on their way to Area 51. The mailbox for this cattle ranch is the most photographed mailbox in the world. Over the years, the mailbox has been shot, stolen, and vandalized. Mail is no longer received via mailbox at the property.

There are perks, however. Conspiracy theorists would jump for joy at this one – the ability to step onto Area 51 property. The previous owners worked out a deal with the Air Force to allow cattle to graze at the mystery-shrouded base. The only catch is that the ranch owner must alert Area 51 officials before the cattle come over.

If cows could talk, maybe we’d know for sure if the grass is really greener on the other side… and if the men are, too.