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Man Believes He Filmed ‘Ghost Dog’ Playing With His Pet

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

You often hear of ghost sightings involving people or supernatural entities, but what about ghost dogs? After viewing recorded footage of his backyard, a man believes a “ghost dog” was playing with his own dog.

Jake DeMarco lives in Australia and has a camera watching his fenced-in backyard. After looking over the footage, he believes he sees a “ghost dog” playing with his own, according to The New York Post. While you may initially believe it’s a wild thought, DeMarco told Caters News Agency the fence is secure and high enough no dog could get through. The Agency reposted his video, so you can get a good look for yourself.

While it may be hard to see in the first couple of seconds, at around the 14-second mark, you can see two dogs clearly playing. DeMarco’s pup, Ryder, can be seen chasing a white dog around, with the two coming into clear view around the water tower later. DeMarco actually saw this happen live and rushed to his dog’s aid. However, by the time he got there, the “ghost dog” mysteriously vanished.

While DeMarco is convinced he saw a Casper-like canine, the comment section of his video is less enthusiastic. Most claim it’s simply a very white dog that happened to make its way into the yard. Some pointed out you can see the glare in the “ghost’s” eyes, which shouldn’t happen. Others note it left wet pawprints on the cement, yet another hole in the ghost theory.

Regardless, of the authenticity, it’s still fun to think about and who knows, maybe there are some ghost dogs wandering around out there?

Dog Protects Family When Mountain Lion Enters Backyard

In other recent canine news, a few weeks ago, a pit bull put its bravery to the test. After a mountain lion entered its backyard, it protected its family by chasing the mountain lion off.

CBS News broke the story about the brave pit bull named Rocky and even has the surveillance footage that captured the entire ordeal. Mary Padres, the homeowner, was the first to spot it. “The mountain lion was looking right at me. It was huge,” she told the news outlet. Without missing a beat, Rocky barked at the large cat and then chased it out of the backyard.

“The whole reason he went after the mountain lion was to make sure I’m OK,” Padres continued. The family immediately grabbed flashlights to look for their heroic companion. Finding him shortly afterward, they carried him back inside. Luckily, the mountain lion wasn’t nearby and seemed to have left. Nonetheless, homeowners spotted a mountain lion twice in that area the past two weeks, so it may come back.

Then again, it may not if Rocky is still around.