Man’s ‘Brian Laundrie-Themed’ Birthday Party Draws Heated Backlash

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Herb Swanson/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

One dad’s Brian Laundrie-themed buffet party drew heated backlash from many people recently.

A man named Jack Bersch posted photos from his 1-year-old daughter’s birthday with a special skeleton buffet with pancetta. He went into a supermarket chain Aldi Facebook Page to brag about the spread.

In the pictures the New York Post obtained, he jokingly put “Brian Laundrie” on a small chalkboard.

Florida cops found Laundrie’s skeletal remains on Oct. 20 in a nature preserve.

Brian Laundrie Party In Good Taste or Tasty?

Bersch put gummy worms in the skeleton’s eyeballs and mouth while there’s a nice selection of cheese and crackers overtop a black tablecloth.

The man and his family thought it was ok and funny. 

“If you don’t like it that’s fine,” Bersch said. “We all thought it was funny and I would understand if I’m no longer a part of this group tomorrow morning.”

Members of the group took screenshots and posted them in several Gabby Petito Facebook groups. For some, the meat and cheese spread got rave reviews, while others felt the party hit a raw nerve. Is a one-year-old going to read “Brian Laundrie” and know? Probably not

Social media came to play, bringing its outrage, among other things.

One person called the theme understandable but took issue with poking fun at the situation, saying it was “completely unacceptable.”

Halloween Comes For Brian Laundrie

We may never know the true story of the deaths of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.

But people are fixated with death, and social media is all about sharing pictures simulating Laundrie’s death in the wilderness. One Twitter user showed a skeleton picture, a backpack, and a fake note that read, “I’m sorry, Gabby” on it. The site of Laundrie’s remains contained objects similar to those.

Other social media users showed people wearing their best Laundrie Halloween costumes. Many wore laundry baskets and flowerbed costumes. One man said he was going to Laundrie’s parents’ house with a laundry basket around his waist with a bottle of detergent stuck inside it.

Petito, Laundrie Story Started July 4

The young couple traveled to the midwest together in a rented Ford Transit van over the summer. They shared pictures and status updates on social media along the way.

In September, the couple got separated, and Laundrie drove to his parents’ Florida home on Sept. 1. Days later, Petito’s parents filed a missing person report. Police considered Laundrie a person of interest.

On Sept. 17, Laundrie left his parents’ house. On Sept. 19, searchers found Petito’s remains in a Wyoming park. The coroner determined that the woman died by strangulation.

In late October, officials recovered Laundrie’s remains in Florida.