Happy Wife, Happy Life: Man Builds Rotating House So Wife Always Has Different View

by Brianna Vacca

Happy wife, happy life, so they say. For one man in Bosnia it’s more like, “rotating house, content spouse.”

Families are always looking for a way to go above and beyond to make each other happy. One husband went above and beyond to make sure his wife will forever have something new to see.

For one man in Bosnia, he was looking for another way to please his wife when his architectual brain took over his thinking. Influenced by Serbian-American investors Nikola Tesla and Mihajlo Pupin, 72-year-old Vojin Kusic took surprising his wife up a level. He built a rotating house and designed it in a way to make everybody happy – and to avoid her consistent renovations. And, he built the house completely himself.

“I’ve got tired of her complaints and frequent refurbishing of our family house. I said, ‘I’ll build you a rotating house so you can spin it as you wish,'” Vojin Kusic tells Reuters.

His new home now attracts the attention of new visitors and even better, his wife can now wrap it up however she wants.

How Does it Work?

The house sits on a fertile plain in Northern Bosnia near Srbac. It allows his wife to see the sunrise in one moment, and people walking by the next. If she wishes to not see anybody, she can turn the house the other way and strictly see landscape. If she wishes to see people, just a tap in the other direction. The rotating house spins on a 22-feet axis allowing them to have beautiful sites of farmlands and cornfields, and forests and rivers. All on one designated speed.

At a bright, light shade of green topped with a metal roof, Kusic says, “The house can make a full circle for 24 hours when it’s at the slowest speed, while at the fastest spinning it can make a full circle in 22 seconds.” His wife can now enjoy a 360-degree view of all surrounding land.

He warns, “This is not an innovation. It only requires will and knowledge, and I had enough time and knowledge.” Over six years, and some time off to nurse a heart condition, Kusic finished the house, and it’s designed to protect from any earthquake damage. One of the benefits of the house that looks straight out of one of HTGV’s specials is that it makes the home more resistant to potential earthquakes because it’s rotating.

He added, “I asked doctors to try to prolong my life for at least a year because I have this project in my head. Nobody will know how to complete it.”

His wife did not wish to comment on the new house.

Rotating houses are out of the ordinary, but sometimes unconditional love brings out crazy ideas. Love goes a long way.