Man Claims His Condo Association Threatened $200 Fines Over American Flag ‘Noise’

by Emily Morgan

While having an American flag in a person’s yard is an everyday occurrence, one North Dakota man is fighting to keep his waving. According to the Fargo native, Andrew Almer, his condo association has sent him letters after some of his neighbors complained that his American flag was flapping too loudly on windy days.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted when I owned a home,” the homeowner, Almer, said in an interview with Fox News. “Having an American flag in the yard is just an American thing – that pride to have.”

Now the condo association is reportedly threatening Almer with fines of $200 per day that he continues to leave his flag flying. Almer has been a resident in the condo for over five years and began flying the flag two years ago after purchasing the condo after years of renting.

North Dakota Man on American Flag: ‘It’s Going to Stay Up’

“I don’t really want to take it down,” he said. “It’s been lit up every night and it’s an all-weather flag, so you follow the guidelines and it’s been up for two years straight, almost.”

According to Almer, the association sent the first letter in regards to the American flag in January. After opening the letter, his first reaction was to laugh.

“The first letter I got, I laughed, because I just thought, ‘This is ridiculous,'” he said. “You cannot tell me somebody is complaining about a flapping flag in the wind.” While the association has yet to make a public statement about the flag scandal, Almer believes that the real issue involves bad blood. Almer thinks that the condo association president, who happens to live in the apartment above Almer, has a bone to pick with him.

After receiving the second letter in March, Almer had to pick his jaw up off the floor. “When I got this second letter I thought, ‘Oh my God, she’s serious,” he said. Regardless of the looming fines with each day he leaves the flag up, Almer says he has no intention to take the flag down. According to KVLY, Almer has federal protections when it comes to his freedoms to wave his flag. The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005 prevents condo associations from restricting displays of the U.S. flag on residential property.

“It’s going to stay up,” he said. “And if I need to, we’ll take it to court. But hopefully it doesn’t have to get that far and there can be some resolution that’s peaceful.”