Man Claims He Had ‘Odd Encounter’ With ‘Angry’ Brian Laundrie Before Gabby Petito’s Disappearance

by Clayton Edwards

The authorities are still looking for Brian Laundrie. The sole person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death has been “missing” since earlier this month. At this point, North Port, Florida Police, the FBI, John Walsh, and reality TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter are on his trail. Additionally, citizens across the country are on the lookout for Laundrie. One man recently came forward to talk about a strange interaction he had with a man who he believes is Laundrie back in August.

Hunter Mannies, a Louisiana native told Fox and Friends that he thinks he met Brian Laundrie in a bar in late August. This was just days before the world found out about Gabby Petito’s disappearance and death. According to Mannies, he and some friends were traveling the country back in August, much like Laundrie and Petito. They had stopped for dinner and drinks at a restaurant and bar in West Yellowstone, Montana after visiting the Tetons.

Mannies, a retired chef and author, was with a friend and they met another couple at the establishment. They were the only patrons there at the time other than, “A guy by himself at the end of the bar.” The small party didn’t pay him any mind. Now, they’re pretty sure that loner at the bar was Brian Laundrie, the center of the nation’s current manhunt. No one is ignoring that man now.

Mannies’ Encounter with Brian Laundrie

They talked about the outdoors and hunting. Then, their conversation turned political. About their conversation, Mannies said, “…then it got political. Which, obviously, you want to avoid in a bar.” However, it was no big deal. The establishment was pretty much empty and no one was getting heated. No one, that is, except for the man Mannies now believes was Brian Laundrie.

Mannies said the man was angry and looked just like Brian Laundrie and even introduced himself as Brian. He was “overly invested,” in their conversation. Then, the man insulted an entire region while complaining about “Stupid Southerners,” and fired off some “expletives about Republicans,” according to Mannies. The man’s angry outburst made the bar patrons notice him.

Overall, the retired chef said their potential interaction with a possible Brian Laundrie was an uncomfortable one.

Currently, Mannies is sure enough that it was Brian Laundrie that he relayed his account to the FBI. Additionally, Fox correspondent Steve Doocy noted that Mannies’ friend is 100% certain that they encountered Laundrie that night in August.

After all, the Moab police pulled the couple over because a concerned citizen saw Laundrie slap Petito in their van. Furthermore, on August 27, Laundrie berated wait staff at a Tex Mex restaurant so badly that Petito felt the need to come back and apologize.