Man Claims He Lived in Woods With Alleged Zodiac Killer for Two Decades

by Madison Miller

Earlier this week, an independent investigative group claimed that they’ve identified the Zodiac Killer.

The Zodiac Killer was the nickname for a serial killer that had a killing spree in Northern California during the 1960s. He murdered five known victims in the San Francisco Bay Area, but likely killed many more.

He was known for sending taunting and threatening letters with cryptograms and ciphers to local newspapers. Some of these were solved, but none had led investigators to the person responsible.

Zodiac Killer Friend

For 51 years, the Zodiac Killer case remained the most famous unsolved murder case in American history. The story quickly became a huge fixture in popular culture, including the popular David Fincher movie, “Zodiac.”

While we may have just been introduced to the Zodiac Killer, we’re quickly meeting some of the people who claimed to be his friendsl. Gary Poste is the alleged person responsible. He passed away in 2018, therefore, can’t defend himself against any allegations.

According to TMZ, the Case Breakers team spoke with a friend that spent two decades backpacking with Poste. The man’s name is Will and he had been a friend of the possible Zodiac Killer. He told the investigative team that the two first started their relationship when Poste asked him for help with a legal issue.

Poste then invited Will to come hunt with him in Northern California. The two would meet up consistently over the next 20 years to do so. For Will, he noticed something dark about the whole situation.

He said that Gary Poste would kill animals “indiscriminately.” He loved having blood all over him and his behavior with the carcasses was disturbing.

Killing or torturing animals is often a trait that professionals say many serial killers have in common. Police do believe that the Zodiac Killer stopped his killing spree in the ’70s.

Will allegedly had suspicions his friend was the killer after watching a true-crime documentary. He then never met with Poste again after that.

Investigators Look into Gary Poste

While the Case Breakers believe they’ve closed this case, investigators are not 100% convinced. The Zodiac Killer case remains open.

Law enforcement agencies are looking into the claims from the Case Breakers. The San Francisco Police Department has been adamant that this is an open, not closed, case.

“We are unable to speak to potential suspects as this is still an open investigation,” the SFPD said in a statement, according to CNN. The FBI is also not currently acknowledging the claims related to Gary Poste.

This may add a new twist to the case, but the Zodiac Killer cold case is full of complex twists and turns. Either way, the Zodiac Killer is back to getting massive media attention once again. The Zodiac Killer loved media attention, after all.