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Man Dies After Catching on Fire at Hospital

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo Credit: Getty)

A man died after catching on fire at a Nashville hospital on Thanksgiving Day and now his family is left with unanswered questions about what exactly happened. 

According to WKRN, Bobby Ray’s wife, Kathy Stark, revealed that he had been bedridden for the past seven years. Earlier this month, he went to the hospital for bed sores and a foot infection. He was eventually transferred to Nashville’s Tristar Centennial Medical Center. Stark revealed that her husband ended up coding. As the staff attempted to revive him, everything suddenly turned chaotic. “They started the paddles, and it just blew up,” Stark explained. “Everything. I saw that and I just burst out.” 

Stark then recalled that her husband’s body was then engulfed in flames. “He got burned in the throat, the head, the chest, and his hands. And he got burnt really bad, he was on fire, and I said he’s on fire, put him out.”

Following the fire at the hospital, the man was eventually taken to Skyline’s burn unit where he eventually dies of his injuries. Stark is now searching for answers as to what caused the fire that killed her husband. “They even made the comment to her,” Joyce Feakes, the man’s daughter. “She’s repeated it to me many times of this has never happened before. They need to make sure that that doesn’t happen to somebody else, so somebody else doesn’t lose their husband, their best friend, their dad. And even worse, we lost him on Thanksgiving.”

The Hospital Issues A Statement After Man Dies in Fire 

Meanwhile, TriStar issued a statement after the accident. “We extend our deepest sympathies to this family for the loss of their loved one. While we cannot discuss specifics, we are reviewing the care provided to the patient and the functionality of equipment. The death of a loved one is always very difficult, and our hearts go out to this family.”

Feakes launched a GoFundMe campaign to help her father’s now widow. She shared in full detail the story about led to the fire that kill the man at the hospital. “On November 15th, she had to call an ambulance to pick him up and take him to the hospital. He was taken to a hospital in Erin, TN. They transferred him to Hendersonville, TN where he was treated for bed sores. They decided he would get better care at Centennial Hospital in Nashville.”

Feakes then revealed that the hospital had to amputate her father’s foot and the medical team had to go in and enlarge the veins to get blood flow back down to his foot. Following the procedure, her father complained about the pain, which steadily became worse.  “On Thanksgiving Day, the pain got worse. A nurse came in and tried adjusting him, which caused his blood pressure to drop dramatically. They had to pull in a team of nurses, doctors, and the crash cart. They attached the paddles to shock his heart back into sinus rhythm. Once they sent electricity to the paddles, it sparked and caused his oxygen to explode and create a fireball that burned him on his chest, face, head, hands, and back.”