Man Dies in Plane Crash During Memorial Flight to Scatter Father’s Ashes

by Chris Haney

As a family mourned the passing of their father recently, the situation turned even more tragic this past weekend. The man’s grieving son died in a plane crash along with the pilot while scattering his father’s ashes during the memorial flight.

On Sunday, 61-year-old pilot Douglas A. Johnson flew an amphibious aircraft with 58-year-old Lee Cemensky as his passenger. There aren’t many details as to why the plane crashed so far. According to a report from The Hitc though, police were contacted after the plane failed to arrive at its final destination.

Authorities responded to the call in a rural area 150 miles north of Minneapolis in Emily, Minnesota. Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders pronounced both men dead. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently investigating the plane crash. Additionally, the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office also has an active investigation of their own into the incident.

Lee Cemensky sold his business in Las Vegas, Brakes Plus, earlier this year and returned to his home state of Minnesota. The outlet reached out to his family, but didn’t receive a response. They did speak with Brakes Plus manager Joseph Hunter, who purchased the business from Cemensky in February.

Hunter called Cemensky a “good guy” and said he was “good to all his customers.”

A recent obituary for Cemensky’s father, Leo John, stated that he passed away at his home in Fifty Lakes on August 7th. It also shared that Leo John is survived by his wife, Vikki, two children – a son and daughter, four grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Wild Video Shows Plane Crash on Busy Florida Street

In a video from an incident on August 19th that’s since gone viral, footage shows a small plane crash on a busy street in Orlando, Florida. An onlooker in a nearby car named Raiah Collins and her friend, Amanda Skuban, noticed that the plane was flying “really low” and started recording.

The nine-second clip shows the single-engine 1956 Cessna 182 flying low and fast over University Boulevard. The plane then smashes nose-first into the pavement as it seems to land in someone’s front yard.

“All of a sudden it started to drop, and that’s when we were like, ‘Oh my God.’ I just kind of freaked,” Skuban said to local Orlando outlet WESH 2.

Local resident Ben Stillman spoke to the outlet as well and described the crazy scene.

“We heard a big crash, kinda like a car crash, and we assumed it was a car crash,” Stillman explained. “Our house is right over there, and we peeped over the fence, and we just see this plane sitting in the driveway.”

Thankfully, the pilot only sustained minor injuries, and no else in the area was hurt. Reports stated that a mechanical failure led to the plane crash. Florida highway patrol shared that the mechanical failure forced the pilot to make an emergency landing.

“We’re really fortunate, and I’m glad that the pilot is alive,” Collins said. “Everyone’s really lucky.”