Man Drifts Ashore in Florida While Attempting To Run To Bermuda Inside a ‘Bubble’ for Charity

by Matthew Wilson

They say that Jesus walked on water, but not even he tried to run all the way to Bermuda. Well, one ultramarathon runner didn’t get that memo. He planned to run all the way from Florida to Bermuda for charity in a bubble.

Dare to dream boldly. But runner Reza Baluchi’s dream does feel a bit extreme and almost unattainable. He wants to run across the ocean, using a bubble-like floating device. As the old saying goes, try, try again. But Baluchi’s latest attempt ended with him floating down the coast of Florida.

According to Fox 35, Baluchi built a bubble floatation device to keep him on top of the water. He wanted to use his skills as a runner to brave open waters. The marathon runner decided to kick off his sea journey in the Sunshine State but ended up drifting ashore near Flagler County.

“I will show people anything you want to do, do it,” he told the news outlet. “Don’t listen to anyone. Chase your dreams.”

In total, Baluchi would have needed to travel over 1000 miles to complete his journey. The runner said he proposed the trip to both raise money for charity and act as an inspiration to all those dreamers out there. The money would have gone to the homeless, also the Coast Guard, and finally local police and fire stations.

Runner Tries to Complete Bubble Journey

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time that Baluchi has made headlines for his bubble journey. Back in 2014, the Coast Guard picked him up in his floatation device, The Hydro Pod. The bubble was made of .11 inch plastic. Similar to a homemade hamster wheel, Baluchi planned to propel himself across the water by running.

To complete his journey then, Baluchi would run in the mornings when it was cool. He would also cool off via swimming with a tether in the ocean. He had a hammock within the bubble during his journey. And Baluchi said he would live on a diet of protein bars and fish that he would catch himself as well. But ultimately, fatigue stopped his journey plans in 2014.

Baluchi has always dreamed boldly about pushing himself to break world records. For instance, he spent six months running around the perimeter of the United States for charity. Likewise, he said he went on a seven-year bike ride across six continents and 55 countries as well. The runner came to the United States in 2003 seeking asylum from Iran. He has reportedly become a U.S. Citizen in the years since as well.

The runner seems unlikely to give up on his Bermuda dream anytime soon. Perhaps, one day he just might make it.

“I’ll never give up my dream,” he told Fox 35. “They stop me four or five times but I never give up.”