Man Falls 100 Feet off Oregon Cliff To His Death While Posing for a Photo

by Jon D. B.

An Oregon man has fallen to his death from a cliff measuring over 100 feet high. The hiker attempted to take a photo with the cliff face behind him, and fell.

Oregon state is mourning the death of a 43-year-old outdoorsman today. Seaside, Oregon resident Steven Gastelum, was on the cliff’s edge in Devil’s Cauldron Overlook Trail. The Oswald West State Park is a gorgeous locale full of scenic photos opportunities – and intense geography.

Gastelum scaled a tree near the cliff to pose for a photo – when the branch supporting him snapped. The hiker fell over 100 feet into the surf below.

Oregon hiker pronounced dead after 100-foot fall

Oregon State police report that the Coast Guard and Nehalem Bay Fire Dept. deployed jet skis to find Gastelum. He was eventually found in the water and brought to shore. From there, he was taken to a local Tillamook hospital. Unfortunately, Gastelum was pronounced dead within.

CBS News local affiliate KOIN reports that Gastelum was not alone at the time. A fellow Oregon hiker was witness to his death, and reported the tragedy to officials. Because of this, police and coast authorities were able to respond quickly.

Unfortunately, the fall was too great, and nothing could be done for the outdoorsman.

Oregon struggles with tragedy in 2020

The accidental death hits right in the middle of tragic Oregon Deaths from 2020’s raging wildfires. Outsider’s own Halle Ames reports on Oregon’s recent devastation:

The wildfires are responsible for killing more than 30 people. In addition, they are responsible for displacing tens of thousands of residents from their homes along the western United States.

Lightning strikes, along with dry conditions back in August, are responsible for many of the fires. The worst-hit states being California and Oregon with millions of acres of land charred already.

Halle Ames, Outsider

Thankfully, first-responders continue to do whatever they can as wildfires rage on across the West. There is hope in knowing these heroes have been able to save far more lives this year than have been lost.

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