Man Gets Hunting Privileges Revoked After Shooting Geese from Highway

by Madison Miller

Being able to hunt legally is a privilege to the public. It’s also something that can be taken away when abused.

A man in Louisiana is learning that lesson now regarding proper hunting and what can happen when you break the established rules. Trevor Istre, 22, is facing thousands of dollars in fines for something he pleaded guilty to last week.

Istre is now losing his ability to hunt or fish for the next three years after admitting to illegally shooting geese from the highway. Not only are his hunting abilities vanishing, but the man must also pay a $3,000 penalty for his actions. He will also face five years of probation after pleading guilty on February 10.

According to KRQE, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife officer happened to spot Istre with a group of people trying to shoot down geese. They were standing on a state highway which also happened to be on private property.

Officials Track Down Geese Hunters

The officer confronted the individuals that then fled from the scene. Police and other investigators spotted evidence at the scene from the illegal activity. Specifically, they found a goose with injuries and a couple of shotgun casings. Eventually, investigators were able to track down Istre and the three other suspects.

After confessing, investigators learned that the group had taken 29 geese from the area illegally. The others cited with involvement receive fines of $2,470. Istre is facing three serious charges. They are taking migratory birds during a closed season, taking migratory birds in violations of state law, and taking migratory birds with the aid of a motor vehicle.

It didn’t help that the entire group of violators were all repeat offenders when it comes to wildlife violations.

“These kinds of hunting violations are taken extremely seriously by wildlife officials. Hunting violations are cases that our office takes very seriously. The hunting laws were created for the protection of our wildlife, and we will continue to work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to hold those who break those laws accountable for their actions,” U.S. Attorney Brandon B. Brown told the news outlet regarding the case.

Wyoming Rancher Busted for Poaching

This man from Louisiana isn’t the only one facing serious consequences from recent wildlife violations. The Wyoming Game and Fish officials are charging Gary Lee Ferrier with 26 different wildlife violations.

According to Outdoor Life, the man was suspected of the major crime of substituting a total of 18 different poached deer and antelope for beef and then selling it as jerky to his customers. This has been an open case for several years now.

Ferrier has since pleaded no contest to nine of the charges against him. Learn more here.