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Man Hauls Girlfriend’s Body Parts in Luggage on Greyhound Bus

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Pacific Press / Contributor/ Getty Images)

A Kentucky man has admitted to dismembering his girlfriend’s body, putting it in a suitcase, and boarding a Greyhound bus from Kentucky to Illinois.

On Tuesday, 30-year-old Melvin Martin Jr. was arrested after family members found his girlfriend’s body parts concealed in his suitcase a week after he arrived at his parent’s house in Illinois.

Martin admits to killing his 31-year-old girlfriend in Louisville, Kentucky, before dismembering and loading her body into a suitcase.

According to police, they believe the woman was dismembered a month before she was found. They also believe the woman died from domestic assault

Martin admits to dumping the woman’s torso in Louisville park while placing her other body parts in the luggage. Her skull, organs, and lower half were inside. Police confirm the torso was in the park.

After arriving on his Greyhound bus in Chicago, family members drove him to their home in Markham, Illinois, about 23 miles away.

“He indicated that as grotesque as it might sound, he still wanted to be with her. At least part of her,” said Markham Police Chief, Terry White.

Woman’s Body Found

Martin’s relative later told investigators that it was strange that he never unpacked his suitcase. He also kept asking family members for clothing to wear.

The relatives became suspicious of Martin when a foul stench was coming from his bags. So, when he went to the public library on Tuesday, the family opened his belongings and found the woman’s remains.

Police are not releasing the name of the woman at this time. They are still trying to locate her next of kin. However, they did confirm the woman was a Louisville resident. She was declared missing last week.

The man is now being charged as a fugitive fleeing persecution and faces an extradition hearing back in Kentucky.

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