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Video: Man Honors 98-Year-Old Veteran Father with Personal Flyover

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Edwin Remsberg/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

A Pennsylvania man gave his 98-year-old father the best present. He honored the World War II veteran with a personal flyover above his house on Wednesday (Sept. 23).

Dave Kahley and three other pilots flew from Virginia to York County to honor his father Arlington “Art” Kahley. Dave and the other pilots flew in four North American T-6 Texan planes. Art and a small crowd watched them pass by from below.

(Click here to watch the video of the flyover for Art).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Art had been unable to attend the Arsenal of Democracy event in Washington, D.C. At the event, 66 airplanes will fly over the World War II memorial on Friday. His son made sure Art felt honored.

“You’re not going to put all these older guys together in the COVID environment, so everyone stayed home,” Kahley said. “I figure, the weather looks good, so let’s go give him his own personal flyover.”

The veteran served as an anti-aircraft gunner in World War II.

Art had been born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. In 1941, he entered the military as part of the draft in World War II. Art served as an anti-aircraft gunner for three years overseas. The military stationed him at several Pacific Islands including Fiji, New Guinea and the Philippines.

After his service ended, Art worked as a band director for York Suburban and raised his son Dave, who followed his passion for flying. Art took Dave for his first flying lesson when he was 16-years-old. Dave found a special way to repay his father after all these years.

“He used to drive me to the airport to take flying lessons, because I didn’t have a driver’s license,” Dave said. “He was my first passenger in an airplane. So [the flyover] just seemed fitting.”

Art greatly appreciated his son’s gesture and also waved his cane after the planes.

“It’s wonderful,” Art said. “I appreciated it so much, to line up four planes to come right over the house was something else.”

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