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Man Known as the ‘Dreadhead Cowboy’ Arrested for Riding Horse on Busy Highway

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Natasha Moustache/Getty Images

The Dreadhead Cowboy rode again. It’s not often people in Chicago see a cowboy riding horseback on the interstate. During rush hour, the cowboy rode alongside vehicles and slowed traffic to a crawl.

Adam Hollingsworth, or the Dreadhead Cowboy as he calls his alter-ego, is a local celebrity in Chicago. Hollingsworth is also a known activist. He recently worked with the city’s mayor on the Kids Lives Matter Movement. That initiative was why he decided to cause a traffic jam.

He rode down the Dan Ryan Expressway to raise awareness for the Kids Lives Matter movement. According to CNN, the initiative tries to raise awareness regarding the United States Census. The initiative encourages people to fill out the document. Communities can benefit from the Census by receiving better funding.

“All imma say until we focus on Kids lives matter this gone keep happening,” he wrote on Facebook.


Police arrested the Dreadhead Cowboy for his demonstration.

In a video posted to Facebook, Hollingsworth filmed himself both on horseback and wearing a cowboy hat. He also promised to shutdown the “whole Dan Ryan”. He yelled that “Kids Lives Matter” and said, “Until we understand kids’ lives matter, nothing else matters.”

During the video, Hollingsworth merged onto the interstate, interrupting a group of motorcycles. He broke into full gallop on horseback while filming.


Illinois State Police took Hollingsworth into custody for his disruption. Meanwhile, Chicago Police Department took Hollingsworth’s horse into police custody as well. According to videos posted on social media, police loaded the horse into a Chicago Police Mounted Patrol Trailer afterwards. The Chicago Police Department will transfer the horse to Animal Care and Control.

Hollingsworth was taken into custody by Illinois State Police. CNN has reached out to the state police for comment.

Illinois State Police have not commented on Hollingsworth’s arrest.

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