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Man Streams Wild Frozen Lake Recovery Mission for Trapped Boat

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Saqib Majeed/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s the exact opposite of “we’re going to need a bigger boat.”

Obviously, when it comes to boat rescues, the smaller the better. It makes it that much easier to pull out that troubled boat with ease from the water.

This wasn’t exactly the case in an incident in Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. A man on YouTube filmed over 16 hours of a boat recovery incident that took place recently. The team is trying to pull out a 50-ton boat before the entire lake freezes over.

Long Video Documentation of Boat Recovery

The aforementioned YouTuber is Turbine Guy. He doesn’t give us very much context for the video, but you can watch as the team goes through the motions of the recovery operation dor the 1970 Chris Craft Roamer Riviera.

At one point you can hear the man who filmed the incident explain why the boat is being removed. Apparently, the boat has been sold a couple of times since 2020. The marina the boat is currently parked in no longer wanted to deal with the boat. This meant the team had to grab the boat the exceptionally hard way.

It takes them 30 minutes just to reach the boat, seeing as they have to tear through six-inch ice to get there. Apparently, this boat also has a hole in it. Meaning it’s working as hard as it can to not go under.

From here on out, the team is trying to use a trailer and straps to drag the boat onto the dock. At one point, a strap snapped as this was happening. Eventually, during day three of the operation, the boat manages to get mostly onto this trailer.

Police even showed up at one point to make sure there was a permit for this whole situation at play. It’s not a huge surprise they showed up at all, seeing as it’s not exactly the safest rescue ever seen. There’s a crowd that gathers at certain points right by straps that have snapped in the past.

Niagra Falls Rescue Mission

While there don’t seem to be people in danger within this large 50-ton boat in the water, a different rescue mission in Niagra Falls had a life on the line.

First responders from the U.S. Coast Guard used a helicopter for this rescue mission. A woman was in her car in the Niagra River, right near the brink of the falls.

The coast guard was able to fly over that spot and lift her out of the vehicle. According to ABC 7, the woman in her late 60s was pronounced dead at the scene.

At this time, it’s unclear exactly how her car ended up in the water. It could have been intentional. Also, there were slippery roads due to light snow and adverse weather, which could also be the reason.