Man Strolls Texas Beach in Michael Myers Mask During Hurricane Nicholas, Gets Arrested

by Samantha Whidden

It’s something out of a horror movie. A man was seen taking a stroll on a beach during Hurricane Nicholas while wearing a Michael Myers costume. He was also holding what looked like a bloody knife. The man was then surprised with a citation from the local police department.

According to the Galveston County’s The Daily News, police began receiving calls about a man walking on Galveston Beach while carrying the knife as Hurricane Nicholas was just about to lash the area. Seems totally suspicious, right? So, responding officers found the man and handcuffed him. They later discovered that the knife and blood were fake. 

The media outlet also reported that Facebook was used to track down the man’s identity and he was identified as attorney Mark Metzger. The lawyer stated on Monday that he posted pictures of himself dressed as the horror film icon while near the Historic Galveston Island Pleasure Pier. He was observing Hurricane Nicholas on the beach.

The police department spokeswoman Sgt. Stacy Papillion also confirms that Metzger is receiving a citation for disorderly conduct. 

Man Responds to Michael Myers on Beach During Hurricane Nicholas Criticism 

Following his release from police custody, Metzger took to his Facebook to respond to critics who weren’t really fans of his Michael Myers stunt during Hurricane Nicholas. “Bringing positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there. Generating some laughter. Helping people crack a smile. And restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about.”

Metzger does admit that his methods might not work for everyone. But he guarantees that he pleases more than he pisses off. “So if taking a silly walk down the beach during [Hurricane Nicholas] in a costume. And subsequently being arrest for disorderly conduct [accomplishing] any of that. Then I’ll do it again all day every day.”

The lawyer goes on add that he received a Class C citation for his stunt during Hurricane Nicholas and he was still “fuzzy” on what exactly was illegal about his actions. 

Hurricane Nicholas Continues to Move Very Slowly Through Southwest Lousiana 

Meanwhile, Hurricane Nicholas is continuing its very slow track through Southwest Louisiana. According to the National Hurricane Center, flash flooding remains a possibility across portions of the Central Gulf Coast over the never couple of days. 

On Monday, President Biden approved Lousiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ request for a federal emergency declaration for Hurricane Nicholas. Bel Edwards shared, “I want to thank The President and Lousiana’s federal counterparts at FEMA for their strong partnership as we work to respond to the threat of [Hurricane] Nicholas.”

Bel Edwards also said along with preparing for Hurricane Nicholas, Lousiana is still recovering from Hurricanes Laura, Delta and Ida. “It’s vital that we have as many resources across center Lousiana and all of South Lousiana. The President’s federal emergency declaration will help us achieve that.”