Man Jumps in Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank and Goes for a Swim, New Video Reveals

by Hunter Miller

A bizarre video shows a man going for a swim in the Bass Pro Shop fish tank in Bossier City, Louisiana. Confused bystanders recorded the incident and shared it on social media on Thursday.

The video shows a man fully clothed paddling through the water in the store’s massive fish tank. After swimming from one end to another, the man hops out of the water and makes a break for the exit. The person recording the video and others in the area watched in utter confusion.

The video received a mixed reaction from viewers. Some voiced concern for the fish. “Are the fish ok?’ one person asked. “Arrest his behind!!!!” another wrote.

Others offered different thoughts on the clip. “This has officially been put on my bucket list,” one Twitter user wrote. “He’s getting the intel on what bait to use for this years fishing season,” another commented.

While some Twitter users may find the clip amusing, the staff at Bass Pro Shop did not. The store filed a complaint with police citing the incurred costs of having to empty the tank, clean it, and refill it again. The latest reports about the incident state that the store is not pressing charges. However, he will be required to pay for any damages.

The Swimmer’s Identity

According to KSLA, the man in the video is TikTok user @WevinKise. He says he hoped to gain five minutes of fame from the stunt. “I said that if I got 2,000 likes I would jump in the tank,” he said. “I got way more than that and didn’t want to be a liar.”

The woman recording the video, Treasure McGraw, spoke of her surprise when seeing the man jump in the tank. “We heard a big splash and I thought it was one of the fish,” McGraw said. “My fiance was like ‘somebody is in the tank’ and we saw the guy swimming.”