Man Wins $100K Lottery After Previously Cashing in on $1 Million Prize Twice

by Taylor Cunningham

If you’ve ever wondered just how lucky one person can be, you finally have your answer. One person can be lucky enough to win the lottery three times. And here is the proof.

Concord, N.C. resident Terry Splawn bought a lottery ticket that won him $100,000 earlier this month. That in itself is pretty amazing if you ask us. Most people hardly manage to win $5 from a scratch-off ticket, let alone cash in six figures. But what makes this story even wilder is that Splawn had already won a $1 million prize—twice! That doesn’t even seem statistically possible. 

Mr. Splawn cashed in his first million in 2017 when he stopped at a Sam’s Mini Stop and bought a Millionaire Bucks ticket. Then two years later, he stopped at the same store and became an even richer man after he bought a $150 Million Cash Explosion scratch-off ticket.

Clearly, Terry Splawn had to see how far his streak of luck would take him. So on Labor Day, he once again pulled into the parking lot of Sam’s Mini Stop and got himself a $20 Premiere Cash lotto ticket. And he won another $100,000—of course. Well, after taxes, he earned $70,756. But he’s not complaining.

“It’s unbelievable,” Splawn told the NC Education Lottery. “It certainly is fun to win.” We bet it is. But most of us will just have to take his word on it.

This unlikely tale comes after two other men, one in Massachusetts and one in Virginia, both won 7 figures or more twice. We don’t know what’s in that East Coast water, but we want some.

Strangers Split a Raffle Ticket at a Baseball Game and Take Home an $18K Lottery

In another story of random luck, two strangers decided to go in on a 50/50 raffle ticket, and they won over $18,000.

A California man and a Massachusetts man were enjoying a Red Sox game on September 7th when a lottery was announced. It was a 50/50 raffle, which is becoming a big trend at sports games. According to the Red Sox, this particular purchase supported the local community “while offering [fans] a chance to win big.” 

So the two Sox fans, who preferred to keep their names secret, decided, “why not.” They split the cost of the ticket and agreed to also split the $18,401 in the off chance that they won. And as we already know, they did win.

The nameless duo did agree to a picture. And the Red Sox posted it on Twitter. “Your Tuesday feel-good story!” they wrote. “The 50/50 made lifelong friends for these two & their families, one from MA & the other from CA, who hadn’t met prior to sitting next to each other on Friday at Fenway. They got 50/50 tickets, agreed to split if they won, and guess what… they WON!”