Man Wins the Lottery Then Doubles It Just a Few Months Later

by Jonathan Howard

Some fellas just have all the luck. That goes double for Robert MacDonald, a 77-year-old man from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The man found himself a lot wealthier following his lottery win last October 2020. Now, he’s gone and done it again and won another large lottery prize.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that MacDonald won the most recent lottery by playing ENCORE. He matched six of the seven numbers and took home a nice $100,000 Canadian. That comes out to about $78,000 USD. Last October, his winnings came out to $50,000/$39,000 USD.

Imagine winning a jackpot and then 11 months later winning a jackpot worth TWICE as much?! Seriously, that man should never not play the lottery again. Better ask MacDonald if he can give us any tips this weekend in college football. (Lord knows my season could use it.)

At 77-years-old MacDonald has been a regular player of the lottery for quite some time. In back-to-back years he has lived out every lottery player’s dream. He plans on taking those winnings and investing a bit. Then, he has plans to spend some money on his family. His message to other players is simple.

“I am feeling very lucky. If you stay positive, your time will come as well!”

I might have to pick some numbers for the Powerball this week…

Florida Man Has Best Day Ever Winning Lottery

Elderly Canadians aren’t the only recent lottery news. A man in Florida had a record day for himself. I have had good days where I think everything is going my way. It feels like you just can’t lose. However, this Florida man has quite a story.

On the same day, Brian Woodle opened up his own auto shop. A dream that he and his wife had, but the dreams didn’t stop there. Usually, first-time business owners are worried about being able to stay afloat and establish themselves. When Woodle bought a $5 scratcher on his way home from his shop, he probably had a lot of thoughts going through his mind.

However, by the time he had finished scratching the ticket, he had won $1,000,000! By the time taxes were taken out, it came out to $880k. Not bad for your first day at your new job.

“I love working on vehicles and it has always been my dream to own my own repair shop,” The lottery winner said, “At the end of our first day, I stopped by Circle K to get a few things and picked up a lottery ticket; just like that we won a million bucks!”

In Florida, lottery winners have to come forward. There are only 11 states where winners are allowed to remain anonymous. Those states are Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and Texas.