Map of Each State’s Favorite 2021 Halloween Candy Includes Some Very Questionable Selections

by Shelby Scott

October is quite literally right around the corner and with that comes everyone’s favorite spooky holiday, Halloween. As Halloween approaches, retail and grocery outlets across the country have already begun supplying patrons with their favorite spooky treats. However, a map detailing each state‘s favorite 2021 Halloween candy includes some particularly questionable choices. Truthfully, we can’t help but cringe a little.

First off, before I go forward, as a Pennsylvania resident I am entirely disappointed in this year’s pick. 2021 sees the Keystone state’s top 2021 as Good & Plenties. If you’ve never had a Good & Plenty, don’t; it’s like a jelly bean but sad.

Okay, in reality, that’s a little bit dramatic. Truthfully, for those who don’t know, Good & Plenties are just pieces of black licorice coated in a bright-colored candy shell. But still – licorice?

Regardless, on the same kick as PA, Colorado ranked black licorice as their top pick and I am still cringing. Several other odd choices include the tooth-shattering Runts in Tennessee. Others chose candy corn (of all things) in West Virginia, and, perhaps worst of all, circus peanuts in Oklahoma.

On the other hand, more sensible states, such as South Carolina and New Jersey’s top picks are Sour Patch Kids. On the chocolate side of things, I applaud New York and Virginia for knowing where it’s at. Both states highlighted one of my all-time favorites, Reese’s Pieces, as their top pick. Other popular, and much more reasonable, picks include Twix, Kit Kats, and more peanutty favorites. Two top picks are Peanut M&Ms in Indiana and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in Ohio.

To see the full scope of the “Favorite Halloween Candy” map, click here.

Halloween Cereal Sees Its Fourth Month on Retail Shelves

Meanwhile, as Halloween and candy fanatics bombard stores to stock up on their favorite spooky treats, other brands have had Halloween on the mind for months.

July saw the beloved General Mills’ spooky season cereals return to shelves. In celebration of the spooky season, we’re dying to get our hands on some. However, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the cereal brand’s distribution of the Halloween-themed cereal. As such, the company has plans to shake things up a bit.

For decades now, the Halloween hits have included the chocolate-flavored cereal, Count Chocula and the strawberry-flavored cereal, Frankenberry. Later years saw the addition of the blueberry-flavored cereal Boo-Berry. Now, in addition to these, this Halloween will see the cereal brand add a new spooky cereal to their line-up. The newest release features a Monster-Mashed cereal boasting all five of the Halloween monsters.

Further, as if that weren’t enough, the brand also plans to debut Count Chocula and Frankenberry action figures this year. If we didn’t have enough incentive to buy the Halloween-themed cereal, we definitely do now.

In releasing the new toys, General Mills has partnered with Jada Toys ahead of the autumn celebration. So, on your next trip out for Halloween treats, take a peek in the cereal aisle and see what new additions have hit General Mills shelves.