Margo Price Releases New Single, Premieres ‘Runaway Horses’ Podcast

by Clayton Edwards
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

It’s a busy day for Margo Price. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter dropped a new single “Been to the Mountain” along with a video. Additionally, Price’s new Sonos Radio podcast Runaway Horses premiered today.

Margo Price Searches for Freedom with Her New Single

Let’s start by checking out Margo Price’s brand-new single and its video.

“Been to the Mountain” Sees Price taking a look at the past, present, and future. She addresses who she is, was, and could have been. The song’s arrangement features an organ and electric guitar which provides the perfect backdrop for Margo’s psychedelic journey. When paired with the witchy, trippy music video, this one is the total package.

Margo Price talked about the single in a press release. She said the new single “is part one of an introspective trip into our subconscious. It is the perfect continuation of my search for freedom in my art and freedom in the modern age.”

Price went on to say that she has “high hopes” for the next chapter of her career. “[I] truly believe this is the most exciting music I’ve ever made in the studio with my band. We have all grown so much, we operate like one single organism – it’s telepathic.”

About the video, Margo Price said, “Courtney Hoffman brought my wild visions to life with the help of an incredible cast and crew in the music video. I want the story’s hypothetical 8 to 12-hour window to feel like a mini-lifetime. We also wanted to portray how an intense psychedelic experience has the potential to become a spiritual experience, and how that can change your perception of the world around you.”

Check out the video and you’ll see that it hits the nail on the head.

Runaway Horses

Margo Price’s new show Runaway Horses features “inspirational conversations with artists who aren’t afraid to break the mold and follow their own path.” Guests will include Bob Weir, Bettye Lavette, Swamp Dogg, Amethyst Kiah, and more. The first episode, which is available now on all streaming platforms, features country music legend Emmylou Harris.

In the pilot episode, Price and Harris swap songs, discuss country and folk music, and talk about working with legendary artists. Future episodes will hit podcast feeds on Wednesdays.

About the new show, Margo Price said, “The thing about runaway horses is that you can really never truly break them. They are incredibly unpredictable. You never know what they’re going to do next. I’m calling this show Runaway Horses because wild freedom is exactly what I crave from music – I just was a complete and total release. I hope the conversations on this show help you feel a sense of freedom, too.”

Runaway Horses is produced by Sonos Radio.