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Marie Callender’s Gets Blamed by Customer Who Burnt Their Pie

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Following an unhappy customer’s comments about a burnt pie, frozen food brand Marie Callender’s seeks to spread holiday cheer… even to the critical customer.

The whole situation with the angry customer happened right after Thanksgiving. According to Heavy, a woman named Sharon Weiss took to Marie Callender’s Facebook page to reveal that the food brand ruined a part of her Thanksgiving festivities. “Thanks, Marie [Callender] for ruining Thanksgiving dessert,” Weiss declared. She also shared an image of her incredibly burnt pie. 

In one of the most professional ways possible and ignoring the fact that the pie’s demise is not the company’s fault, Marie Callender’s responded with, “Hi [Sharon]. Thanks for the post. We’re really sorry to hear our Pumpkin Pie let you down this year. We’d like to get in touch with you so we can hear more and help. Please send us a private message.”

With the comment came lots of responses praising Marie Callender’s for its approach. One Facebook user wrote, “Why are you sorry? You didn’t cremate her pie. You didn’t set her over temperature to the ‘hell’ setting. She did that all on her own.”

Although the original comment from Weiss has been deleted, hilarious memes are keeping the situation alive. Marie Callender’s is also remembering the ordeal weeks later. The company took to Facebook on Monday to wish season greetings to its customers… And Sharon.

“From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday filled with joy and reasonably well-cooked pies. And if they don’t turn out as planned, that’s ok too. It’s the spirit that counts. We’re all trying our best and we’ve all been there. So let’s try our best to be there for one another… Especially Sharon.”

Marie Callender’s signed off the post with “Happy Holidays and enjoy #SharonSomePie.” 

Facebook Users Respond to Marie Callender’s Holiday Cheer Post 

Just after Marie Callender’s took to Facebook with its Holiday cheer post, the social media platform’s users began to comment and praised the company’s approach to the interesting situation. 

One Facebook user wrote, “I’d like to thank Sharon and her burnt offering for brightening up my holiday season with lighthearted laughter and hilarious memes. And taking us through the nights that are as dark as her crispy Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. All the love Sharon, Marie Callender’s. And a moment of silence for the poor pie.”

Another fan of Marie Callender’s shared their appreciation for Sharon by writing, “You have brought a lot of people together in a great way. Who knew one burnt pie could bring so much happiness to so many people. And Marie Callender’s – YOU guys have been fabulous about this.”

Finally, a user went on to add that they wish to hear a statement from Sharon. “I truly hope she found the humor in all the mess and pics that flooded the internet world after her post. The whole situation is what 2021 needed.”