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Marine Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday Dancing to Classic Song: VIDEO

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

An Oregon Marine veteran celebrated his 100th birthday in style last week, dancing to one classic song you’d never expect.

Oh, you might. All I have to say is Bee Gees, and you know it’s Staying Alive.

Jack Becker’s Jan. 20 birthday started low-key. Then, his family threw him a surprise birthday party the next day. The Prineville resident party came to a local golf course country club. 

“It was fantastic,” Becker told Fox News.

Prineville is a three-hour drive southeast of Portland.

Marine Veteran Gets Big Party

Surprising a 100-year-old man may be risky, but a Marine veteran? They’re pretty tough.

Nancy Voakes, Becker’s daughter, had a smaller party on Jan. 20. But with two of her siblings, she planned a much bigger spread the next day.

The three Becker children invited grandchildren and great-grandchildren to come to the party. Some came as far as California for the celebration.

Voakes set up her dad, telling him they were going to lunch. Becker walked into a gathering at the golf club only to learn it was a party for him. He got a special birthday sash to wear.

Becker told Fox that he was shocked and said the party was “awesome.”

There was cake and a little bit of dancing, too. Voakes played the Bee Gees’ classic at home and brought it to the party. She, of course, played it loud enough for her dancing father to hear.

The veteran’s a big dancer, and he said he “felt the beat” and “couldn’t sit still.” Voakes caught her dad and his granddaughter cutting a rug on video. She shared the video, and social media fans love it.

Marines Celebrate Becker’s Service

A few local Marine cadets showed up in their dress blues to honor Becker, his service. They may have had a piece or two of cake, too.

The Marine centenarian fought in both World War II and the Korean War. He’s a “Frozen Chosin” survivor from the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. 

History.com called the Chosin Reservoir one of the most harrowing battles of the war. According to accounts of the battle, the weather was so cold that bullet wounds would freeze. Soldiers would start to bleed out once they got warmed up in heated medical tents. 

According to Voakes, Becker served in World War II but didn’t see any action. The man stayed active with the Marine Reserves and called to the Korean War. During that conflict, his superiors awarded him a Bronze Star Medal. 

When asked if he had the secret to a long life, Becker told the news channel a little bit of run in his coffee every morning worked wonders. But the man said it was just a “smattering.”