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Marine Veterans Travel to Ukraine to Rescue American Citizens, Civilians: ‘Just Trying to Make a Difference’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

After years of American involvement in foreign conflict, United States President Joe Biden has kept his word regarding a lack of direct military involvement in the Eastern European conflict. That said, thousands of American troops have been deployed to regions outside of the immediate conflict. So far, those units have only been authorized to aid in humanitarian efforts and training exercises. Now though, some of our nation’s Marine veterans have taken it upon themselves to assist Ukraine in its battle for independence. Even if it means again putting their own safety at risk.

At a Glance:

  • Special Ops veterans head to Ukraine to evacuate Americans and wounded civilians.
  • Medical aid at Ukrainian front lines remains crucial.
  • Civilian safety remains priority, as two Marine veterans seek to aid in the refugee crisis.

Marine Veterans Deploy to Ukraine to Aid in Humanitarian Efforts

Since Russia launched its attack on Ukraine, American veterans have been flocking to Europe to aid in Ukraine’s defensive efforts. Some have headed to the front lines, joining Ukrainian military and resistance forces. However, others, like Marine veterans Dakota Meyer and Chad Robichaux intend to use their experience to evacuate American citizens and wounded civilians, supplying medical aid where necessary.

“We’re just trying to make a difference where we fit and supply medical aid and supplies,” Meyer said.

According to Fox News, Meyer is a former Marine sniper and Medal of Honor recipient.

Both Marine veterans have ample experience in combat roles. However, they insisted their experience as special operations veterans will better serve those simply trying to escape the fighting.

“I know a lot of veterans talking about going in in combat roles,” Robichaux said. As the founder of Save Our Allies, he continued, “We have done our time fighting. We’re here to do the right thing and help people that need help, evacuate Americans, evacuate wounded people. Bring aid to the frontline.”

Fox News reports Robichaux and Save Our Allies managed to rescue 17,000 American citizens and SIV Afghans from Afghanistan when the Taliban seized control. Considering the massive number of refugees fleeing Ukraine, Meyer and Robichaux’s experience will no doubt help tremendously.

“We are not trying to rush in there,” Meyer explained. “Our team has already gone in and made successful extractions…But, right now, we are trying…to ensure that not just that we’re safe but that the people we are trying to help, that we’re not putting them in a worse situation which is very critical right now.”

American Veterans Respond to Ukraine President’s Call for Help

Meyer and Robichaux are hardly the first veterans to head back to the frontlines amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. International governments have issued sanctions to weaken Russia’s economy and sent troops to Europe as a show of retaliation against Russia’s actions. However, none have become directly militarily involved.

However, after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a call for help to international volunteers, the response became overwhelming.

Following the call, American veteran David Ribardo shared with the New York Times, “A lot of us are watching what is happening and just want to grab a rifle and go over there.”

In working with a group entitled Volunteers for Ukraine, Ribardo has been able to discern qualified American veterans and disperse them to various regions and units across Ukraine.