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Married Couple Has Worked Almost Every Day Together at Dollywood for Over 30 Years

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Ron Davis/Getty Images)

It’s one thing for a couple to be together for several decades, but another for them to be employed together that long. Married for almost 50 years, a couple has worked together at Dollywood for 30 of them.

Buddy and Edye Gale are two smiling faces you’ve likely seen if you visited Dollywood within the past 30 years. The two of them have worked together almost every single day since then. It “seems like forever,” Edye cheerfully told WTVC News Channel 9.

Luckily, Buddy and Edye work in the same area and have similar work schedules, though they may differ by an hour or two. “A lot of times companies won’t let you work in the same department, but they’ve allowed us to do that and that’s been real special,” Edye told the news outlet. “They try to put us as close together in hours as possible because we only drive one car and that saves us a lot of gas and stuff.”

Buddy and Edye love the family atmosphere there and say it makes the long days more enjoyable. “We have a lot of friends here,” Buddy said. “Our kids grew up here. We have two boys, and they grew up here with us.” Edye adds they feel it’s more like a family than a job.

The couple’s relationship began in high school, with Edye claiming “I chased him until I caught him.” Years later, they both became teachers before joining the Dollywood team. Edye works in support services and sells tickets while Buddy checks them.

December 19th marks the couple’s 50th anniversary. Although Edye says they usually celebrate by going to dinner and a movie together, I imagine their next anniversary will have a bit more fanfare.

Young Couple Lives and Dresses Like They’re in the 1930s

While Buddy and Edye stay young by working together, another couple is doing the opposite. A British couple have chosen to live as if they were in the 1930s.

Couple Ruth Shelley and Robert Oestmann are living like they’re in the 1930s. This ranges from the car they drive to the clothes they wear. However, one amenity they both don’t go without is a cell phone. Speaking to The New York Post, Shelley explains she’s a research historian and that both she and her partner love history. Fashion is also a big selling point.

“This style isn’t something you could wear if you are shy,” Shelley insisted. “As we do get stared at a lot.” Unsurprisingly, the couple doesn’t watch television and when listening to music, do so directly through a gramophone. Ruth and Robert also spend their free time cooking, going on walks, and riding bikes.

The two don’t seem to miss modern conveniences, with Oestmann noting he really doesn’t care for popular clothing. “I didn’t…like the sound modern synthetic clothes make when I was walking. Our wardrobe is unique and different to today’s extremely casual.”

Regardless, the couple seems happy and don’t show any signs of returning to the 21st century anytime soon.