Martin Sheen Calls Son Charlie Sheen’s Sobriety and Recovery a ‘Miracle’

by Amy Myers

Everyone remembers when Charlie Sheen unintentionally coined the phrase, “Winning!” Since that cringe-worthy interview, the former star of Two and a Half Men has come a long way, and his father, Martin Sheen, is proud.

Back in 2011, Charlie Sheen appeared in an interview with Good Morning America in which he delivered his phrase “Winning.” While smoking a cigarette, Sheen denies that he has Bipolar Disorder, and instead is “Bi-winning, I win here, and I win there.” This was just a small glimpse at the battle the star was currently facing with addiction and mental health. Shortly after the interview aired, Sheen became the butt of every comedian’s joke, all citing his new slogan.

Charlie Sheen’s Father Vouches For Him

Since his public meltdown, Charlie Sheen has fought to maintain sobriety over the years. According to PEOPLE, Sheen celebrated one year of sobriety in 2018. The following year, the former sitcom announced that he had given up smoking.

Sheen’s efforts to better his life have not gone unnoticed, either. His father, Martin Sheen, is equally as excited about Charlie Sheen’s accomplishments. The 80-year-old actor joined PEOPLE to discuss his relationship with his son, as well as his upcoming film, 12 Mighty Orphans. The father had nothing but kind words to say about his son.

“I adore him. I’ve always, always adored him,” Martin Sheen told PEOPLE. “His recovery and his life is a miracle and he’s an extraordinary man.” 

While Martin Sheen acknowledges that his son endured some trying times, he seemed to focus more on the present and the future—both of which look bright for Charlie Sheen.

“We went through as you, as everyone knows I suppose, some very difficult times when he was out there. He’s come back – thank heaven – and he’s healthy and he’s working on a book now.”

Martin Sheen also mentioned, “He’s very involved with his family, his children and grandchildren.”

Sheen Sees the Fault in His Ways

Ten years after hitting rock bottom, Charlie Sheen has had time to reflect on his behavior after leaving Two and a Half Men. Now clear-eyed and sober, Sheen now sees the mistake in his ways.

The downfall of Sheen’s career begun when CBS’ CEO at the time arrived at the star’s house, pleading with him to get on their jet to go to rehab. Unfortunately, Sheen refused.

“But if I could go back in time to that moment, I would’ve gotten on the jet. And it was that giant left turn in that moment that led to, you know, a very unfortunate sequence of public and insane events,” Sheen told Yahoo Entertainment.

He continued, “There was 55 different ways for me to handle that situation, and I chose number 56. And so, you know, I think the growth for me post-meltdown or melt forward or melt somewhere — however you want to label it — it has to start with absolute ownership of my role in all of it.”

Sheen recalled that his behavior with the network was “deeply juvenile” and that he wasn’t being a “team player.”

A changed man, Sheen has accepted that his 2011 breakdown is a permanent part of social media memes. However, just as Sheen’s father said, the new author has better things to come.